Video games storytelling is usually quite different from that of other media, as it has to weave story details into the gameplay. For all their differences, however, video games storytelling is still a “story”, and the best part of a story is usually the plot twist. Our article below would list out all the best plot twists ever made in gaming.

The reason behind the princess’s behavior (Braid)

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Turned out you are the villain all along - the princess was trying to escape from YOU

Braid story might at first seem to be just another version of Mario, however, the ending is pretty much opposite. As the game is also a platformer like Mario, the plot is rather simple. Every round ended with you saving the girl and get to the end of the level. This similarity, however, is what makes the reveal a surprise to everyone – Tim, the playable character, is the villain. He is actually the monster that the princess is trying to escape from. There are also many hinted possibilities in that plot twist, ranging from the princess being a nuclear bomb to Tim being the titular scientist. Overall, this single plot detail is excellent and it has contributed a great deal to players’ enjoyment of the story.

Braid is on Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 3

Haytham Kenway’s true allegiance (Assassin’s Creed III)

The final boss fight is against your own father

Despite the main focus of the trailers and cover being Connor Kenway, you start Assassin’s Creed III playing as his father, Haytham Kenway. Assassin’s Creed III might not have the best story in the franchise, however, its plot twists more than made up for that. Turned out, Haytham was a member of the Templar order, and it is Connor’s job to face off against his father. That plot twist is amongst the greatest moments in the franchise

Assassin's Creed 3 is on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

John Marsten’s final stand (Red Dead Redemption)

Rdr Last Enemy
The last stand of John Marsten against overwhelming odds

Red Dead Redemption was widely accepted to be one of the greatest video game ever made for a good reason. No game maker has approached the period with as much passion and power as Rockstar with Red Dead. This is the new bar that all Westerns titles must strive to reach.

John Marsten, knowing very well that he would die, go outside to confront Ross’s agents to keep his family safe. Ross’s betrayal was inevitable, but players are still surprised when it happened. John prepared his gun and go outside just to be surrounded by Ross’s troops and killed. He was then avenged by his son, Jack, giving Ross the death he deserved.

Red Dead Redemption is on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Aerith’s death (Final Fantasy VII)

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Aerith's murder under the hand of Sephiroth

In old RPGs, party members usually just faint if they get beaten by a tough opponent, however, there are times in which they just exceeded our expectations and having that character removed… permanently. Final Fantasy 7’s Aerith was one of that. During the course of the game, she has been an essential part of the gang while being the main character’s best friend and love interest. While praying to heal the planet, she was killed by Sephiroth, something that no one ever sees coming. Her death and sacrifice have left an impact on Cloud and the players – it would certainly be heartbreaking to go through it again in the remake of FF7.

Final Fantasy 7 is on PlayStation, Windows, iOS, PlayStation 4, Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

Joker’s death (Batman: Arkham City)

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Joker is dying under the Titan Virus

Batman: Arkham City is considered by many fans the best Batman game amongst all, with its fluid combat, intricate level designs, and engaging storyline. Arkham City brings Asylum's wonderful brawling and sneaking back, situating it in the grander Arkham City. The new setting is a walled section of Gotham absurdly turned into a slum prison for the city's range of brutish to insane blue-collar evildoers.

What makes the second game’s plot outshine others is the final confrontation in the game, with Batman encountering the real mastermind behind Hugo Strange, Ra’s Al Ghul. After dealing with Ra’s and Clayface, Batman prepared himself for the final confrontation with The Joker, only to find him on a wheelchair succumbing to the Titan sickness. The shocking part, however, is that Batman still wants to save him despite all of that.

Arkham City is on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Wii U, OS X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Mary’s fate (Silent Hill 2)

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Turned out your wife is already dead

Silent Hill 2 players probably have expected this from a mile away and for good reason. The sense of claustrophobia, loneliness, and a terrible, inescapable, doom is palpable and made even more real because you know that this is not some random torture but a personalized version of hell designed specifically for the game’s hapless protagonist.

In Silent Hill 2, players fill in the shoes of James Sunderland, who is on a quest to find his missing wife, Mary. After receiving a letter from his wife, James ended up in Silent Hill. While trying to stay alive and get out of the town, James stumbles upon the fact that he killed Mary. The whole premise of Silent Hill 2 was James trying to deal with his immense guilt after his wife’s murder.

Silent hill 2 is on PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows

The protagonist’s true identity (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

Alfredo Dosztal The Reveal
Turned out you are actually more powerful than the game's villain, being his direct superior

The game's greatest accomplishment is its focused yet open-ended plot progression, which gives you the freedom to play as either a morally good or evil character, or shades in between. The struggle between good and evil is, of course, central to Star Wars and manifests itself extremely well throughout this outstanding game.

It is easy to have an amnesia character as the main protagonist, as it is one of the best ways to cheat out a background for the character and still have a clean state for an original story to build up. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has perfected this formula. As the player journey forward, they would encounter details and clues sprinkled here and there about their true identity. Turned out, the protagonist is actually one of the major antagonists, Darth Revan, having been brainwashed by the Jedi.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is on Xbox, Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android

Underneath the suit (Metroid)

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No one expects Samus to be a girl

Metroid, with its plot twist, has become one of the earliest games to feature a strong female protagonist, Samus Aran. The character was designed like a Space Marine, braving the alien danger and destroy them with a hand cannon – everyone believed that no woman can possibly do this. That’s why the reveal at the end of the game was a shock to everyone: the awesome bounty hunter that we have been controlling is a woman.

Metroid is on Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Super NES, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch

The final showdown (Pokémon Gold & Silver)

Battle On Mt Silver By Serain D2yjudv
One of the most climactic battle in the game - against the player character from the previous generation

Pokemon Gold and Silver were massive hits and shifted the landscape of the series. These sequels added even more Pokémon and new features. After that, the popularity of the series exploded, which leads to something called "the Pokemon Craze".

While the final battle with your rival in Red & Blue is something that everybody expected to happen, having to face Red in Gold & Silver, however, is not. The second generation of Pokemon has improved everything of the original, from story to postgame progress.

After the first game, Red became champion and head to the top of Mt. Silver for the final battle between him and the player character of the second generation.

Pokemon Gold and Silver are on Game Boy, Game Boy Color

“Would you kindly?” (BioShock)

Would You Kindly
Turned out you were his puppet all along

BioShock’s reveal has definitely set the standard for any plot twist to reveal in gaming. The protagonist was a clone controlled by the main villain through the phrase, “would you kindly”. At the reveal, the protagonist gets a flashback about every single moment in-game that the phrase was used on him. This infamous phrase has even become an internet meme.

BioShock is technically a shooter, but that classification does not do justice to the diverse hybrid of combat, strategy, role-playing, and puzzle-solving. Enemies can be defeated in an almost infinite number of ways, from the violently straightforward to the defensively strategic. The choice is always yours.

Bioshock is on  Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac OS X, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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