Builders of Egypt is an upcoming city builder for PC with a historical setting. As its title suggests, this game takes place in Ancient Egypt, and it tasks you with building a prosperous town, erect magnificent pyramids, and occasionally get involved in the military quarrels up and down the Nile. If you played the Pharaoh from developer Impressions Games or its spiritual successor Children of the Nile back in the 2000s, then you’ll probably notice a striking resemblance with Builders of Egypt, which is awesome. Check out its trailer below:

Looking at the trailer, it seems having to wait over a decade for another cool city builder with an Ancient Egypt setting is not too bad after all, as the graphics have seen a massive leap forward. From the plants going to the field to the potteries displayed for sale at markets, everything now looks livelier than ever. Yes, the more realistic aesthetic is arguably not as colorful or eye-catching as what we had in Pharaoh, but there’s no doubt that Builders of Egypt is still a sight to behold.

Builders Of Egypt Graphics
Builders of Egypt is a sight to behold

Aside from that, everything else appears quite familiar. You’ll have to build houses to accommodate your people and construct specialized buildings to gather resources. With these resources, you’ll set up a production chain to make goods, which you can then sell for profits or provide to the people to satisfy their needs.

Once you’ve done all of that and have a decent city with happy people and resources to spare, you can then start to build giant monuments that tower over everything as a testament to your power. Back in Pharaoh, building these massive temples and pyramids required tons of effort, but with the more realistic scale of Builders of Egypt, we can expect that it’ll be even more challenging.

Builders Of Egypt Pyramid
Erect massive monuments as a testament to your power

Unfortunately, there is no information on the release date of this game at the moment. All we got from developer Strategy Labs is that the "basic gameplay" is completed.  The studio will probably reveal more in the near future, so stay tuned for more updates