My problem is, I buy every game when it’s released. I play so many games. I sometimes get games and don’t even touch it for the second time. I have a friend, who is a professional streamer, tells me that there aren’t any games within his Steam account that I’ve played for more than ten hours. It’s my passion for PC games that matter.

I told myself that, enough is enough for my determination in the New Year, I won’t touch a single new videogame in 2019. After a 2019’s quarter, and struggling a lot on to break or not to break for Baba is You, here’s what I’ve learned so far.

Staying away from new games may make you feel missed out, but don’t worry, you will have older, similar games to solve it.

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You may have this situation already: a blockbuster is released in theaters, then a cheap DVD copy of that movie pops up in the stores? And your dear grandma bought for you one of these DVDs since she knew you enjoyed those kinds of films and you thanked her before you left it for dust in your own DVD collection?

I treated the same way to this year popular game I bought. Apart from the games I’m enjoying aren’t offered at a lower price than the original one and they arrive before the new products, they’re really good. The rest, well, maybe not.

The positive signal of RE 2 makes me want a title with third-person POV, which includes all the shooting, slashing, surviving and horror, so I chose The Evil Within 2. Although I didn’t pay much attention to it at first, I’m happy to visit it again —its similarity to RE 4 survival mechanics performs smoothly with its considerably open world.

Despite My Fear I Still Coming Back To Play Reside
Where I wasted my bullets

The large number of thumb-ups for Devil May Cry 5 have turned on my hunger for slaying demons, so I set up Ninja Theory’s DmC one more time. Even though I cannot ignore that, it doesn’t perform as well as DmC 5 (I cannot even recall the very last time so many gamers, both players and reviewers, showing their feelings over that kind of game), DmC maintains its charm and style, enough for us to spend time.

I still haven’t got the faintest idea of what leads to Mr. X’s huge attraction or the reason why controlling Nero is much more fun than doing that to Dante or whatever, yet it pleases me — I am interested in games that give me all the excitement I’m craved for, and for me it’s enough to stop buying the newest great games impulsively.

Also, I have realized:

I will not throw my money into new games if I wait for some time (a week or more)

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I was once very excited every Tuesday night. Sitting at my desktop, I was eager for Steam to give me access to all of the new games I had ordered sometime before (guess I’m too naive). My emotion went up immediately when the download started: New game, wow! A thing that is both shiny and bright, and exciting as well, will never make me tired! I told myself, this will give me the joy that I have never experienced before, and remind me of how crazy I am about video games!

Then I played it, and I was like, fine. It turned out I was more interested in all the waiting and predicting on that game, rather than the game itself.

I was nervous that this eager would drive me to get RE 2 remake on showing up without thinking much. I was also concerned that I will still buy the game after it’s released one day, and even two days as well. Three days passed, I wasn’t so sure about playing the game ASAP. A week later, I didn’t bother having a second thought for it.

You can know you have changed (or not) by playing old games

When I first touched Thief 2 ten years ago, I find the meticulous feeling in beating every single guard and getting rid of every robot really joyful. In my opinion, the most important thing when playing games, was to smash all the defense in hostile territory till I can run across the game’s map, as fast as I could, without being detected.

American political status at the moment has made me think that the action of a single person has zero meaning within a giant, indifferent and harsh economic infrastructure. This leads me to play Thief 2 in a way that avoids my enemy, not knock them out. Today, I enjoy more from the strong feeling when trying to put myself in a hidden corner inches away only from a hostile NPC, keep telling myself that he won’t spot me. Thief 2 includes complicated moving parts. I enjoyed smashing the gears in the past; now I’m different, I enjoy sliding more, between them.

I also discovered that many games I took, played for a short time, and then quit since I found out that they don’t suit me. I still cannot find my desired resemblance between Nioh and Dark Souls, and to be honest, I’m still quite a fool for Ironclad Tactics. At least I can feel comfortable to know a few games can maintain its attraction no matter how long since my first touch.

Utfsfepbbbvyukdmqmhfzz 650 80You can easily grab awesome games free, like grabbing a snack in the supermarket.

Thank you, Apex Legends. You may not be the only Battle Royale game, yet you’ve successfully made the world see that Titanfall 1 and 2 are among most awesome FPS titles, and it’s a pity for anyone who underestimates them.

Thank you, Gwent, your really weird mechanics as well as marvelous art. (Yeah, you don’t get it wrong. I choose Gwent, not MtG. I’m that kind of bad.)

Thank you, Thief 2 (The Dark Mod) community for your very likely-forever stream of finest fan-made quests with the attractive amateur VO.

Thank you, Dota Auto Chess. Maybe. Wanna know a fact? I haven’t touched it for a single time, cause it sounds mind-hacking. Still, I could.

You may know it before, but it’s absolutely possible for you to have both ways much fun on your PC, and not opening your wallet. Skipping my recent obsessions, I haven’t even stepped into the world of Path of Exile, Warframe, H1Z1, or Brawlhalla. In case my New Year’s determination seems to be too hard to come up with, the reason will never be the lack of good things to play.

Which I think, is good, because...

I hoped that I wouldn’t play video games anymore, well, good luck to me with that

To my mind, never am I a proper person. I don’t find my interest in reading, which I ought to, neither in any other hobbies. I dip into watching TV, I surf the net without thinking much in my mind, I also play tons of video games. When I created the resolution, cooking was my first thought. Playing guitar and starting to write my novel would be on my list as well. (funny, isn’t it?)

Instead, I can’t stand not paying Battletech another thirty-hour of my life.

So, you can see, my plan for New Year is doing well until now, apart from all the fear I’m having now with my existence. But I can finally save lots of money now.