Code Vein, another RPG from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, just got a brand-new trailer. The upcoming dungeon-crawling game will expectedly hit PC and consoles on September 27.

Code Vein
Code Vein is still under the final stage of development.

Code Vein tells a story about our world in the near future. A mysterious disaster causes vast destruction on the earth, making it a lifeless place that has only ruins.

Hidden at the center of all that is Vein, a secret society of Revenants. This is the final fortress of humanity that is still fighting for survival. These souls possess Gifts of power, but lose their memories and become bloodthirsty as a side effect.

The game is impressive with a trailer

The new trailer reveals the "Invading Executioner" who can take advantage of her scythe to unleash swift attacks with rhythmic accuracies. While probably being beautiful in a dark way, this boss could be extremely dangerous. As you can see in the trailer, she could control the water to devastatingly attack her enemies, both in short and long-ranged patterns.

Code Vein is an RPG that offers fully customizable gameplay. Players can make their own weaponry, broaden their experience by adjusting the playstyle of characters. Through its dark narrative, Code Vein will bring an outstanding post-apocalyptic world to the fans of the genre.

Code Vein 2
The game has something in common with the Dark Souls series.

It looks like the upcoming RPG is inspired by Dark Souls franchise to a certain extent. However, Code Vein still manages to stand out. Bandai Namco focuses its game on weapon customization and character growth throughout the journey full of terrors.

Into the game, there will be a partner that accompanies players. Despite that fact, some people may still find the game fairly difficult. As it borrows several elements from Dark Souls, the difficulty should be enjoyable for those who're into Souls-like genre. More interestingly, Code Vein also has an impressive storyline along with a multiplayer mode.

Code Vein 3
A post-apocalyptic world is waiting for you to explore.

Code Vein is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC (Steam) on September 27.