All guns in Apex Legends have unique recoils. To learn how spray patterns vary between guns might be your key to victory. And for educational purpose, we’re here with a chart that shows where your bullets go when you spray.

At first glance, Apex Legends seems like any other battle royale shooter game out there. But Respawn doesn’t like to make a typical traditional game. Instead, they offer a vast amount of guns that you cannot see in games like Fortnite or so.

How To Control Your Spray In Apex Legends
Control your spray might win you some games in Apex Legends.

Each gun operates in a distinguished way that it takes time to learn about them. For instance, regarding assault rifles, there are plenty of them and each one operates in a different way. They have different sprays and this guide would help you control them in order to deal more damage.

Control your spray in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Spray Pattern
Fixed spray patterns by Reddit user “potatoddas”.

A Reddit user “potatoddas” posted this chart, showing normal bullets spread of every gun after pulling the trigger. In addition, the chart revealed how to control your aim with each weapon using the mouse/analog stick after each shot. This chart will definitely help you master every guns' recoil in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Weapon Leaks Guns
Apex Legends offers a vast amount of guns that it takes time to study their spray patterns and recoil.

For example, for the G7 Scout, you can make your shots more accurate by dragging the mouse down to adjust its recoil. By doing this, you’ll deal much more damage in a more consistent way than before. Believe it or not, this could either win or lose you a match.

Some guns are simply better (or worse)

That being said, it’s obvious that some guns are just better than another. You might be hitting all your shots but still died to a guy that one-shotted you with a Kraber .50-cal. And no, we’re “not talking about you” Mozambique!

In general, the chart is certainly helpful and will eventually earn you success in Season 1 of Apex Legends.