Fans of the upcoming big hit of 2020, Cyberpunk 2077, were left furious and speechless after CD Projekt Red delayed the game's release yet again by 3 weeks to December 10. This move has sparked a huge backlash, as the game was already delayed three times in a row.

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In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this delay and the fans' reactions.

What is the reason behind this delay?

Originally, the game was scheduled for release in April 2020... then the covid pandemic hit and they used that to move the date to September, then November and now... December. The excuses for September and November moves are to polish the game and fixing bugs...

For the current delay, they cited that they would have to ship the game for both the current generation and next generation of consoles along with PC, which means 9 separate versions of the game has to be tested.

However, we all know the real reason - they want to release the game for the new consoles, which would be released this November as well... and that was not originally in the plan.

The backlash from fans

While players have been pretty accepting of the game's previous delays, this December delay has sparked a massive backlash from users, as just one day prior to this event, the studio was still adamant about meeting the November deadline. Below is a tweet that went viral about CDPR's confirmation just one day before the announcement.

A lot of people have asked for days off from work just to play the game... and they are not happy at all. The majority of angry users were critical of the company for promising dates that they can't fulfill.

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Some are even canceling their preorder and swear that they never going to buy a CDPR game again.

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For me, all those delays have killed all my hype about this game... and while I have already preordered it, I am not sure I'd play it when it is released anymore.

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