Call of Duty Mobile is much different than its rivals PUBG Mobile or Free Fire - there are a lot of maps available in the game. The reason that they were able to make so many is that all these maps were lifted straight from the normal Call of Duty games on PC. In this article, we would list the 5 best and most popular maps in the game currently.

5 - Firing Range

Firing Range

The training course map was one of the most iconic maps in CoD - part of the first Black Ops game. It has continued to be one of the staple maps of the game from that point forward. Overall, it is excellently designed - huge size with minimal vertical spaces so that fights would be more straightforward. The spawn points are covered up pretty tight, giving players some breathing room before going into the action.

4 - Hijacked

Nguon Goc 12 Ban Do Chuyen De Call Of Duty Mobile

One of the more unique maps in CoD - it was based on a boat instead of a regular ground. The long side lanes of Hijacked is the perfect example of CoD Mobile's map design - there isn't much camping and while the pacing is high, the downtime between fights is low enough so that you could get a break between combat.

3 - Standoff

Codm Halloween Standoff 3a

This map has some of the best designs in the game for Close quarter combat - and for this reason, it has remained one of the most fan-favorite maps for competitive play. Fights on Standoff always feel pretty fair and natural.

2 - Rust


In Call of Duty Mobile there are fewer campers and due to the game's nature of being a mobile shooter... snipers are not nearly as strong here comparing to the PC version. You would definitely be able to enjoy some fast-paced vertical combat on Rust.

1 - Nuketown

Codm Nuketown 01

The best and most famous map in the game - Nuketown has always been the iconic map that every CoD player has played on at least once. The only weakness of this map is that its spawn points are too exposed - a weaker team could get pinned down easily.

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