Perks are pretty important in Call of Duty Mobile - they provide massive bonuses to players... and equipping the right one is crucial. In this article, we would list out the best 6 perks to pick to win the fight. Perks in Call of Duty Mobile comes in 3 categories: Red, Green and Blue.

1 - Vulture

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One of the best perks to equip when playing Team Deathmatch. With this perk equipped, after every kill, you would be able to loot the corpse for the ammo you just spent. In TDM mode, there is no ammo dispenser - your long streaks could be stopped by the lack of ammo alone.

2 - Dead Silence

Dead Silence is a blue perk that muffles your footsteps so that enemies would not be able to detect when you sneak on them. This perk is particularly useful for backstabbing your enemies and sneaking around in Search and Destroy mode.

Dead Silence Best Call Of Duty Mobile Perks

3 - Hardline

Scorestreak is one of Call of Duty's trademark feature - players with a kill streak would be able to summon super weapons to get even more advantage. Hardline let you gain 25% more points after every kill, letting you reach the killstreak threshold sooner - it is a good perk for pretty much every mode... except maybe Search and Destroy.

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4 - Agile


Agile reduces the aim down sight (ADS) time of every gun by 85% - this is a must-have perk to snipers in general. With the perk equipped, you would be able to aim at your enemy just a split second faster - and sometimes that is the difference between a kill and getting killed.

5 - Fast Recover

Red Perk

Nothing beat having more health than your enemy - this is the rule of pretty much every video game. Fast Recover simply boosts your automatic health recovery by 35%. Sometimes even 1 point of HP can be crucial in a fight, and Fast Recover would definitely give you an edge when picked.

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6 - Flak Jacket

Flak Jacket would reduce the explosive damage you take by 35%. Unlike other mobile shooters, Call of Duty is filled to the brim with explosive weapons. Frags are plentiful... and the scorestreak menu is mostly explosives. That's why having the Flak Jacket perk equipped would definitely save your life... in a lot of situations.

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Overall, just equip 3 perks combinations on this list is enough to have a good Call of Duty Game. Interested in more of our articles related to mobile games? Please check out this post to find out which game is better between CoD Mobile and PUBG Mobile.