The Action-RPG Dark Souls from developer From Software is infamous for its insane difficulty, unforgiving world, and challenging yet satisfying combat system. The formula that this series (and its predecessor Demon’s Soul) established became so popular that it spawned countless “Soul-like” clones across pretty much every major platform.

Dark Souls
The Souls series is infamous for its brutal and unforgiving world

Sadly, the original Dark Souls doesn’t seem to have aged too well. While the game was considered to be ahead of its time, over the years hardcore fans have explored every nook and canny that it had to offer. Many speedrunners have come up with creative strategies to finish the game in as little as 32 minutes.

The World Record for Dark Souls speedrun is 32 minutes 54 seconds

Fortunately, some dedicated modders have taken it upon themselves to make sure that their favorite game stays fresh. One such modder is Scott "Grimrukh" Mooney, who allegedly spent a thousand hours to develop a Dark Souls mod titled Daughters of Ash. This is a massive mode that overhauls the entire game, adding a huge amount of new content including new weapon and items, new bosses and enemies, more NPCs and questlines, expanded lore, and more. Mooney claims that Daughter of Ash provides "twice as much content” as the original Dark Souls, and players will need more than one playthrough to explore it all due to the complex storylines.

Dark Souls Daughter Of Ash
Daughter of Ash adds tons of new content to the game

Originally launched last January for the Prepare To Die edition of Dark Souls, Daughter of Ash immediately became a major hit amongst the Souls community, attracting over 45 thousand downloads on Nexusmod. It even caught the attention of many famous streamers including FightingCowboy, LobosJr, and Distortion2, all of whom have featured it on their YouTube channels.

Following the initial success with the release on the Prepare To Die edition, Mooney stated that he was working hard to bring Daughter of Ash to the more recent Dark Souls Remastered version. Now, true to his promise, the port has finally arrived. You can go to the Dark Souls Remastered Nexus Mod to get this awesome mod right now and experience all the new things it has to offer!