There's a lot of excitement about Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6), even though Rockstar hasn't said anything about what its multiplayer will be like. As to GTA Online, the game has changed what fans expect from the series' multiplayer lately, and they think the new game coming out in 2025 will take it even further.

It seems that GTA 6's multiplayer might be even better than what we have in GTA Online, greatly affecting the GTA+ subscription service. Currently, GTA+ is mostly for super fans of GTA Online. But if the next multiplayer for GTA  is a big step up, then the subscription service might become a must-have for GTA enthusiasts.

GTA+ Promises To Be A Hub For New Content

The GTA+ subscription service was introduced in March 2022, showing how popular and successful the multiplayer experience still is. Just for $5.99 per month, players get several in-game rewards with their membership, such as:

  • A monthly deposit of GTA$500,000
  • Exclusive access to garages & services
  • Multipliers for both XP & Money 
  • Access to Shark Cards exclusive to members
  • Exclusive clothing options & vehicle liveries

The continually growing benefits of a GTA+ membership offer great value for dedicated GTA Online fans. For example, it expands the range of available experiences and makes it simpler to obtain premium in-game items. Take-Two Interactive has seen significant growth in GTA+'s subscription numbers since its launch. Given this success, GTA+ will likely play a significant role in GTA 6.

Just for $5.99 per month, players get several in-game rewards with their GTA+ membership.

Since the story mode of GTA 5 never got any DLC, the game's multiplayer has become its main feature. It still has a big player base and is always being updated. The recent popularity of GTA Online RP has made it even more booming. Rockstar will surely want to keep this momentum going with the multiplayer in GTA 6.

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The Future of GTA+: Expanding Content & Early Access 

When GTA 6 comes out, it's a great chance for Rockstar to make GTA+ even better. Even if they keep giving the same perks like in-game currency and special services, numerous players will still be signing up. This is especially true when GTA 6 first makes its way, and players want to do whatever it takes to get ahead of others.

GTA+ may evolve alongside GTA 6, and it wouldn't be surprising if Rockstar started adding battle pass-style rewards to the service for the new game. Being able to unlock special vehicles, weapons, and properties could attract a lot of players, making GTA+ favored. If the game developer also uses the service to let players access new content early, such as heists and online game modes, then GTA+ could become a big part of the next generation of GTA Online.

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