The long-lasting question of all time: Where is Fury's horsey?

Fury, a star in Darksiders III is among the Four Horsemen in the Apocalypse. However, after all the gameplay and trailers out there, we have never seen the Horseman on a horse actually. So, where is it? Well, the answer is here at last! THQ Nordic has recently published a video displaying Fury being around her horse companion, “Rampage.”

Darksiders III
Fury riding her beloved horsey Rampage

Let’s take a look at the brand-new trailer, shall we?

It is a rather captivating trailer under the name “A Horse With No Name.” Up until now, a lot of footages from Darksiders III has occurred in catacombs and somewhat cramped corridors. Nonetheless, this latest footage shows a whole new desert atmosphere, using in-engine. People might say that’s too much work for a trailer that lasts 90 seconds, but for us, we really look forward to how Rampage will blend in the game’ environment.

Darksiders 3
Fury and Rampage in the new trailer

Not following Darksiders III recently? Here’s a quick summary:

Going back to the Earth in the apocalypse, players in the Action-Adventure genre game will act as Fury to track down and put an end to the Seven Deadly Sins. Many others have failed, but Fury the unpredictable and enigmatic must balance the force that is ravaging the Earth. People have been anticipated Darksiders III, the 3rd division in the Darksiders series.

Darksiders Iii Pc Ps4 Xbox One 307441 Pn
Fury and her legendary weapon in an epic quest to balance the Earth

Some features to be presented in Darksiders III

  • Become Fury, the powerful mage possessing magic and a whip. Attempt to adjust the apocalyptic world of Earth in a historical quest.
  • Utilize her magic to release Fury’s various forms, which grant her new weapons, new moves as well as traversal abilities.
  • Discover an open world, moving from one environment to another and unveil secrets while progressing in the game.
  • Conquer the Seven Deadly Sins, hunt them all down, from bosses to servants, from mystical creatures to degenerated beings to finish your quests.

Darksiders III is out right now! Get the game on XBox One, PC and PS4.

Darksiders III is available for PS4, PC and Xbox One, starting from today.