As Chrismas is coming very close to us as well as New Year's Eve, Epic wants to become a generous Santa Claus for you this holiday. It has planned to drop 12 free games through the chimney 'Epic Games Store', and each of them will only stay under the Chrismas tree in one day before getting replaced by the next one.

This event starts today with Into The Breach - a strategy game from the developer Subset Games - the ones behind a game that has turned into a genre - Faster Than Light (FTL). Being nominated in many lists of best games in 2018, the fact that you can get Into The Breach for a whopping zero Rs is just like a steal.

You can see the trailer below for a better look, and I'm sure that you'll be impressed by its gameplay:

Overview on Into The Breach

Into The Breach is a sci-fi game that takes the dystopian settings of the Earth in the far future. Human is no longer the lord of this land, as a lot of them has been wiped by unknown factors, leaving behind only a small group trying to hold their civilization.

However, those survival ones are now facing a huge extinction danger from the giant creatures that used to live underground, but now want to invade the Earth's surface. To help humans stand against that threat, you'll have to use the power of advanced technology to deploy powerful mechs to get rid of anything posing danger to human civilization.

Into The Breach Free Epic Games Store 5
The world map has shrunk drastically

That's the overall concept of this game, which will be gradually told through the progress you made. The dialogues do make the game less boring, but what brings Into The Breach into the new height is its FTL-like gameplay. And it's not from any other developers that want to replicate its success, but from the original developer Subset Games themselves.

To be more specific, Into The Breach is a turn-based strategy game, where your mission is to deal with the hostile creatures called 'Vek' before they manage to devastate your cities. Instead of bringing a massive battlefield with tons of micromanagement and stats everywhere, this game follows the exact opposite route.

Into The Breach Free Epic Games Store 1
Each round will not cost you the whole day to grind, and you can drop at any moment you want

The battles will only happen in an 8x8 grid field, which will only last for five rounds, and most of the times, you'll only be able to control 3 mechs or less. Hence, you won't need to spend days or weeks to build your facilities, as every round will be very likely to last for several minutes. If you succeed, you're up to the next round, but if you fail (which is not an option), the authorities will manipulate time to send help to other timelines (which means retry!)

Into The Breach Free Epic Games Store 4
Each round comes with certain winning conditions

There are a lot of monsters with different behaviors that you'll have to deal with, but you also have many kinds of mechs to deploy as well. Learning the actions of the Veks and mastering the function of the mechs is the key to lead you the final victory. At the same time, you'll also have to protect the buildings, since it provides power buff for your troops. The further you progress, the more kinds of mechs you can deploy.

Into The Breach Free Epic Games Store 6
Protect the building while choosing the right way to deal with the Vek

Only free for today

Usually, today is the time to announce a new free game that will last for a week, but this holiday event is going to be a little different. Into The Breach will be free until December 20 ends, and will be replaced by another one tomorrow. The steps to get the game are still similar, only that you'll have to be quicker.

Into The Breach Free Epic Games Store 7
Into The Breach is only free-to-claim today

Stay tuned to Gurugamer to get the announcement on the remaining 11 free games of Epic Games Store!