Jujubee S.A. studio just announced their latest survival strategy title called "Dark Moon." As the name of the title suggests, you will be tasked with the mission to try to survive on the Moon. Surviving on the Moon will require you to do many things counter-intuitive and make difficult decisions. You must do whatever it takes to survive and make contact with Earth to get help.

You can check out the trailer of Dark Moon below.

Unlike most other games where sunlight is good, you must avoid it at all costs. The sun has been the most powerful ally of humans on Earth to make the darkness go away. But that is because we have Earth's atmosphere to protect us. On the Moon, the sunlight and its radiation are a cruel killer and the darkness is your only safe place.

You will be playing as an engineer who works for the Engineering Council. Your initial mission was to manage the development of a mining system on the Moon. But then a solar storm struck the Earth, destroying all means of communication with the Earth you have. Now you are all on your own in this place, trying to run away from the sun and survive.

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The Mechaplex is your base and your vehicle

The Mechaplex is your base and your vehicle to travel on the Moon. This will be where you build new buildings, do technologies researches, learn new abilities.

The world is procedurally generated so each of your playthroughs will be unique. You will meet new people on your journey. It is all up to let them join you or not. Surviving on the Moon will be easier with more people on board. But you will have to provide them shelters, food and listen to their opinions to make the right decision or there will be a riot.

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You will have to make tough decisions and might get betrayed by your people

Dark Moon is currently under development and is expected to launch in June next year for PC through Steam.