Earlier today, Freebird Games has announced about their upcoming project named Imposter Factory - which is the third installment of the To the Moon franchise. According to the developers, this game is more-or-less being a stand-alone game than a sequel, so you probably don't have to play both the prequel to jump in on this game. The game will be available for PC via Steam, with the release date of Late 2020.

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The game's first look

Being a narrative-driven adventure game, like its predecessor, the game functioned much like a visual novel. This new game focus on a new character - Quincy, who got invited to a party at a mansion. Somehow, this mansion also has a time machine, and then people start dying. Quincy will have to try his best to survive, and also trying to solve the mystery of the party and of this mansion.

The first game of this series, To the Moon, is a game that was really well-received by many. According to fans and critics, the game's story and music are exceptional. Back in 2011, this game also received the Best story awards in the 'Game of the Year' event created by GameSpot, surpass some really big titles of that time like Catherine, Ghost Trick Detective, and Xenoblade Chronicles. Along with that, an animated film adaptation of this game is currently in development. According to the studio, this movie will be a collaborative project, with Chinese company Ultron Event Horizon funding all the cost for the movie.

To the Moon was well received by many, and is considered as the peak of story-telling

A mobile remake version of To the Moon was also got released in 2017 for both iOS and Android. This remake was also well-received and is a big reason that contributes to the expansion of Freebird Games studios' fame, as well as To the Moon's status as the pinnacle of story-telling.

Imposter Factory will be available for PC via Steam in Late 2020.