How long since you have the last exciting experience bombing your friends till they explode in video games? For me, it has been over 15 years with NEXON's Crazy Arcade, and my thirst for such experience since Bomberman was out in the 1980s has never been satisfied.

Luckily, I've come across Ponpu - the game that will scratch my itches for a while. It has taken exactly the fast-paced action of Bomberman, but with modern visuals that will not only make your eyes but also your heart explode with hype!

Ponpu is the product from the Argentinian-based developer Purple Tree, and Zordix will be the one help distributing this product for PC, consoles, and mobile devices very soon. Below is the first trailer for the game, which you can have a look to bring back some good-old memories:

The concept of Ponpu

Just like Bomberman, the concept of Ponpu is very simple: you'll have to set bombs and let it explode on your friends until you're the last one standing. However, there are a lot of new goods on its gameplay features, and let's find out below:

Ponpu Pc Consoles Mobile Reveal 1
Ponpu's gameplay is very similar to Bomberman!

First of all, instead of controlling a colorful human bomber and dropping bombs onto your foes, you'll step in the shoes of a bird-like creature in Ponpu. And those birds seems not liking each other at all, and they'll spit out explosive eggs that will blow the other birds into feathers. I don't know how they store those in their stomach, but I'm not complaining either.

Ponpu Pc Consoles Mobile Reveal 4
What a strange narration from Purple Tree

Secondly, the game has chosen a minimal concept, which doesn't have any vibrant stuff here and there. Instead, the map is entirely white black and white (sometimes brown), and the only things with bright colors in this game are the bomb's explosion and the bird's eyes. However, the developer Purple Tree has done a great job animating the movement and other details in the game, which make Ponpu matching with modern standards.

Ponpu Pc Consoles Mobile Reveal 3
The movement of the birdy characters looks very cute and intriguing

And lastly, you'll have your egg-kicking ability built-in your kit. With this feature, you can create a brand new high-risk high-reward playstyle, timing the explosion and kick the eggs into your opponent's beaks. Together with up-to-four player multiplayer support and non-stop fun, Ponpu is a phenomenal love letter to the classic Bomberman!

Release date and supported platforms

Ponpu doesn't have an official release date yet, but it's coming to PC, consoles and mobile devices in early 2020. The consoles supported are PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, while whether iOS or Android will receive the game is still unknown.

Ponpu Pc Consoles Mobile Reveal 2
The raging birds of Ponpu is coming to PC, consoles and mobile devices very soon

But considering how simple this game is, it's not a huge problem for Purple Tree to make both versions for mobile. Stay tuned for further information on Ponpu's launch.