A few days ago, at the Golden Joystick Awards, developer Monolith of Minds introduced a new cyberpunk action game called Resolutiion. Your mission in the game is to escort an AI through a dangerous dreamscape world with crazy monsters and madmen. You can watch the announcement trailer of the game below.

Throughout the game, you will collect clues to reveal the past in a fragmented future. This world won't hesitate to confuse you or kill you. There are all kinds of creatures from different cultures here such as cynical gods, luddites, emotional machines, zealots, and furry critters. Gradually, a story about a friend betrayed, worlds at war a family broken will be unfolded.

Resolutiion Screenshot 02 Cf2e_wm
The game is set in a hand-crafted pixel world

The maps of Resolutiion are hand-crafted with more than 10 unique regions, from Cloud City with silent towers to the Phantom Pit with brutal killing machines. Each region will have its own distinct traits, secrets, environment, and giant bosses.

About Monolith of Minds, they are a team of 2 German brothers. They promised that the game is filled with lovely pixels, deep ideas, dirty jokes, and badass emotional tunes that will keep you playing for hours.

Resolutiion Announcement Trailer 0 46 Screenshot 9bef_wm
You will have to fight scary giant bosses in different regions

Key features:

  • You will get to experience a large cyberpunk world where everything defiles the common sense.
  • The story you will be unfolding in Resolutiion can be really dark and you might not always be the hero but a villain.
  • The game features various abilities to defeat different opponents.
  • Try to survive the brutal world in the game and fight giant bosses.
  • Punishing combat with lots of things and places to explore.

Resolutiion is currently in development by Monolith of Minds and will be published by Deck13, Mayflower, WhisperGames for PC through Steam in 2020.