Drone Strike Force is set during the middle of the 21st century when there is a conflict between corporations and citizen soldiers. They fight against each other to gain control of cities that are affected by global warming. You will be the one who controls the newest model of UAV Drones through a DBMi (state-of-the-art Drone Brain Meld Interface) through your nerve system, to capture cities' nodes. You can check out the trailer of Drone Strike Force below.

Drone Strike Force is a multiplayer shooter game that features fast-paced aerial combats. You will play the game in a team with people online to destroy the other team and complete different objectives. Use three buttons Q, E, F to maneuver your Drones in a 3D environment and destroy enemies with your weapons.

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Destroy enemies and capture key locations to earn points

Choose from a total of 9 unique types of Drones to jump into the battle. Each of them has an Operating System, which can be considered as a class. Currently, there are 3 Operating Systems in the game. The more you play, the more experience you will get to upgrade your Drones or buy new ones.

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There are currently 9 types of Drones in the game

The game currently has 1 map, 7 skills, 7 items, and 7 perks for you to pick and customize. Choose the right combination to turn your opponent's Drones to piece and achieve the victory for your team. More kills, items, and perks will be added to the game in future updates.

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Earn experience to upgrade your Drones

Drone Strike Force will be launched next year for PC (Steam). However, you can play the game now through Steam's Early Access for $9.99 (50% discount).

If you are still hesitating, you should know that the developer of the game has decided to release a demo for free on Steam for you to try out first.