Thief Of Thieves: Season One has successfully stolen the hearts of video gamers with its first launch in July 2018 for PC and Xbox One. And pursuing another great heist, the game is coming to Nintendo Switch next month!

If you haven't heard of this game, it's a beautiful stealth game with a mixture of 2D comic-style visuals and 3D environments. You can see what its gameplay looks like through the Switch announcement trailer below:

The story of Thief of Thieves: Season One

Thief Of Thieves: Season One tells the story based on the first book of the famous award-winning comic series of Robert Kirkman with the same name. In this game, you'll take control of the lady thief namely Celia - the apprentice of the old and experienced burglar Redmond. She is on her way to prove herself and jump from a newcomer to a master.

Thief Of Thieves Season One Switch Launch 1
Celia on her way to meet her new burglar team in Europe

Teaming up with a crew of criminals in Europe, Celia will have to make friends and get used to them. They'll help her with her mission, planning the approach as well as give her the necessary information on the world-class heists over the world.

However, every decision you make will have huge consequences on the final outcomes, and only you can find out what they'll turn into. A new place with a new crew, will you be able to slide in?

Gameplay features

As I've mentioned, Thief Of Thieves: Season One is a narrative-driven stealth game, in which you'll follow Celia on her heists. Unlike other stealth games, where sometimes you'll have to use violence to solve some situations, there won't be any fighting in this game.

Thief Of Thieves Season One Switch Launch 6
Sneak your way to your objectives without using violence

Instead, you'll have to use your social skills and stealthy actions to achieve your objectives. After all, thieves don't use violence. Thugs do. Celia is a thief, so she will have to sneak in and overcome any obstacles standing between you and your targets. The scenes that Celia needs to get through varies from cocktail parties to building yards.

Thief Of Thieves Season One Switch Launch 2

They require her to carefully solving every piece of conversation while staying completely stealthy while actioning. After that, using the clues and plan from your team, you'll be able to escape with stealth and cunning and become the professional - just like Redmond.

Another thing that you should take in mind is that each choice you make with the dialogues and heists will change the outcomes of the whole game. Hence, there will be several endings that you'll experience playing Thief of Thieves: Season One.

Thief Of Thieves Season One Switch Launch 4
Thief of Thieves: Season One has multiple endings

Additionally, your relationship with your teammates will also change based on how you interact with them, which can end up changing your plans. All of them are fully voiced by some famous names, such as Emily O'Brien (Death Stranding), Fred Tatasciore (Kung Fu Panda 2) and Cissy Jones (Firewatch).

Thief Of Thieves Season One Switch Launch 3
Your relationship with your team members will affect the game's story

Together with the beautiful hand-drawn 2D visuals, 3D environments, Thief of Thieves: Season One will have no problems stealing your precious time on your Switch!

Release date and supported platforms

Thief Of Thieves: Season One is now available for Xbox One and PC through Steam. It's coming to Nintendo Switch worldwide on November 21. You can grab it at only $19.99.

Thief Of Thieves Season One Switch Launch 5
Thief of Thieves: Season One is heading to Switch on November 21

The publisher Skybound Games and the developer Rival Games also revealed that this is just the first story of the series. Three other volumes will also turn into video games in the future.