The developer Sky Machine Studio and the publisher Blowfish Studio is every excited to introduce their partnership through the latest title - Winter Ember. This game takes place in the Victorian era, following the revenge journey of an exiled man.

Winter Ember is the first game from the Australian indie developer, and below is the trailer of the game. Sky Machine Studio also revealed several screenshots of its gameplay as well, which you can have a look in our preview.

The story of Winter Ember

The announcement trailer of Winter Ember also brought some information on the game's background story. Takes the settings of a fictional world in the Victorian era, Winter Ember cast you in the role of Arthur Artorias. He used to live in the city of Anargal but was extruded out of his hometown.

To be more specific, Arthur has to escape from his home, ripping off everything important to him: his past, his family and his fortune. People might think he was dead, but Arthur has returned after eight years of an exiled, and he's a different man now.

Winter Ember Is A New Isometric Stealth Action Gam
There has been something happened to this man's face

However, he found that Anargal is now under the control of a dictatorial religious militant faction namely Greater Heaven while he was not in the city. Now, to rescue his home from this reign, Arthur will have to use his power to pursue revenge, and return the freedom to the city!

Gameplay features

As I've mentioned earlier, Winter Ember is a stealth action game, which you'll take control of the protagonist - Arthur Artorias from a fixed camera angle. Your main quest is to sneak into the city of Anargal, find the mystery behind Greater Heaven, and revenge for his long exiled years.

Winter Ember Is A New Isometric Stealth Action Gam
Find your enemies and cut his throat silently

As a result, you'll have to stay away from the light and use the dark as your advantage. Unlike other action games where you can choose to either go stealthy or go straight into the enemy's sight, you'll have to stay completely out of sight in Winter Ember. Take cover in the shadows, move quickly through corners, have a peek via keyholes to find your hidden enemies and secret hallways as well.

Winter Ember Is A New Isometric Stealth Action Gam
If you have to cross the light, make it quick and clean

Additionally, the developer also revealed that for every objective, you'll have multiple solutions. Be patient with your adventuring, and you might find a secret entrance, which might open up a new and more convenient road for your trips.

However, if you somehow get cornered, there is only one way out, and it's not fighting back. Instead, Artoria can craft a total of 30 special arrows that will help him get out of sticky situations. For example, you can use your water missiles to extinguish flames, giving you more dark spots to hide and escape without anyone's notice.

Winter Ember Is A New Isometric Stealth Action Gam
Or just the lightning one to shock your enemies

Release date and supported platforms

There's currently zero information about the supported platforms and release date of  Winter Ember yet.

Winter Ember Is A New Isometric Stealth Action Gam
The game doesn't have the specific release date yet

Stay tuned with Gurugamer to catch up with the latest information about the game in the future!