The ultimate goal of every PUBG Mobile match is to be the last man standing – and there are many strategies that one could exercise to make that reality. You can go in gun blazing, landing in a hot area for constant firefights and high-level loot. The alternative of that is the silent stealth style, waiting patiently in the rear for the perfect chance to act.

Pubg Ghillie Crossing Event Mode Feature
Your enemies will not see this coming

Our guide below will list all the things that you can do to become the ultimate silent hunter.

Modify your gun with a Suppressor is one of the best ways to remain unseen in a PUBG match – they rarely spawn, however. An Assault Rifle or a Sniper Rifle equipped with a Silencer would be very hard to detect, as the enemy would have no way to pinpoint your location without the added sound.

The Ghillie suit is one of the best stealth tools in the game

If the enemy has found out where you are, sometimes it is better to just hightail out of there, sprint and jump to cover the longest distance possible. The farther you are, the less sound you make – it would probably throw the enemy off enough so that you can reposition later for ambushes.

Another great stealth tool is the Ghillie Suit. It can only be dropped from crates – so you would probably not be able to use them every match – however, if you are lucky enough to pick one up, it would make you much harder to detect. Its color also changes based on the map’s palette, so you can pretty much use it on every map.

Tips Surviving Pubg 12
Make use of natural covers when moving around

Crouch-walking is somewhat useful, but don’t count on it too much, as the mode would still make some noise. While crouching, your movement is severely limited – it is better to swap in and out of it in short burst to be more unpredictable.

Make use of ambient noise. Enemies would be drawn to the biggest source of sounds, therefore a firefight nearby would be your chance to sneak near them without getting detected.

About vehicles, it is best not to use them if you are aiming to stay undercover – as the sound they make would reveal your position instantly.

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Prone to blend in with the glass

Patience is key when approach enemies – hold your fire unless you are certain about taking them down in a few hits. Take the time to line up for headshots, as those are the fastest way to kill while making the least noise.

Taking advantage of natural covers like ridges and foliages. For a stealth player, it is best to avoid open spaces. With appropriate covers, it would be easier for you to move around undetected, which in turn increases your chances of backstabbing for a kill.

If you are looking for a true stealth weapon, the Crossbow is probably the only choice, as its bolt cannot be heard when shot. The thing is rather hard to use, however, as its heavy bullet drop and reload time makes the thing absolutely miserable to use.

Pubg Mobile Crossbow Guide 5
The crossbow is rather cumbersome - but it is the only silent weapon available in the game

Another part of the stealth build is the melee weapon – as they are completely silent. The best one is the Pan – with the ability to instant kill in one headshot.

Try to avoid large windows when approach buildings, as enemies can easily detect you looking through them. Try to close the doors when entering too, as an open door would often alert hostiles of your presence in the area.

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