Back in 2015, we've seen a quirky prison-break game namely The Escapists from the publisher Team17. The game is a phenomenon at that time, and its success has encouraged the developer to deliver the second installment two years later.

But we're not going to talk about it today - but about The Survivalists - its survival spin-off that shares the same universe as The Escapists. The visuals and controls of The Survivalists look very similar to its prison-break counterpart, but this time, you'll learn how to survive on desert-island with the help of monkeys.

Below is the announcement trailer of the game for Nintendo Switch, but the game will launch for PC and other consoles as well:

Overview of The Survivalists

The Survivalists takes the settings of a desert island - also your new home that you've somehow visited. As a newcomer, you will come against a lot of difficulties trying to live on this island, especially when the native inhabitants here obviously not welcome you. Hence, you'll have to build your empire from scratch, but only by surviving first.

The Survivalists Pc Consoles Revealed 1
The Survivalists put you in a desert island

As a survival game, your highest objective is to stay alive. Hence, in the beginning, you'll have to travel on this vast island to search for foods and necessary items to meet your daily needs. Collecting fruits is a much safer method, but you can also test your adventurer's spirit by hunting wild animals as well.

Sometimes you can't get to choose since those creatures will hunt you down as soon as they see you. Those creatures behave differently on days and nights, so you must learn their habits to stay away from death. Receiving quests from a secret stranger, you'll gradually reveal the mystery behind this island, and make use of its to become the ruler.

The Survivalists Pc Consoles Revealed 4
Build your own empire in this newfound home

Teaching monkeys to help you with your journey

On the road to become a ruler, your first minions will be no one else but the monkey that's both smart and stupid at the same time. They're stupid because whatever you want them to do, they'll do it without any question, and they're smart because they learn from your instruction incredibly quick.

To be more specific, whatever you do, the monkeys will do the same thing as long as you give them bananas. They can do a lot of jobs that you would have to spend a day or two to do on your own: chop trees, build houses and fight like real warriors as well. Even better, they'll continue to work even when you're not there, so you can see your base successfully planted after coming back from a raid.

The Survivalists Pc Consoles Revealed 3
The monkeys are your trustiest helpers in this game

The monkeys are your very trusty helper, but there's a quest that you can only do on your own: crafting. You can create a lot of items, from the axes to help you with your resource gathering, to the swords, bows and arrows to equip you and your monkeys. Like Minecraft, you'll have to find the recipe through exploring, but that's what you want to do anyway.

The Survivalists Pc Consoles Revealed 7
Craft your daily-use items and weapons with your resources

The combats in this game are quite simple, as you only have one button to hit your enemies either with melee or long-range weapons. However, there are a lot of native islanders here, and you will probably not stand a chance against them. That's why you need your monkeys on those battles, and if things go sour, you can invite your friends in as well.

The Survivalists Pc Consoles Revealed 2
You can share your loots with your friends to make the survival journey much easier

Release date and supported platforms

The Survivalists will come out at an unknown date in 2020. At launch, Team17 will bring it to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.