At the point when Fallout 76 was announced, many enthusiasts of the franchise felt worried since the game is no more solitary like traditional entries but rather be multiplayer. Since the series has always been open-world games, the concern is reasonable. Of course, there will be some players want to do crazy, weird things to disturb the others just for fun, right?

However, Bethesda seems to prove the opposite, at least until now. The players are actually being nice to each other.

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The action may have its origin from a notorious Fallout player who called himself "Many A True Nerd" or MATN. The guy has been famous for crazy feats in older entries, but when Fallout 76 came out, he also came up with a great idea: helping newbies. Before the official release, the game has opened beta which let players continue their progress in the actual version. So when Fallout 76 finally launched, MATN was at that point all around leveled and supplied. Players who are completely new to the game, on the other hand, scarcely have anything. So MATN decided to help them out.

Check out what he did:

In the camp which MATN specially designed for newbies, he provides them with clear water, food supply, even workbenches for crafting stuff. Of course, this is something you still can build up for yourself with a little time in the game, but MATN was really kind that he offered anyone who comes across the camp free weapons, armors and ammunition.

Fallout 76 Camp
MATN created a shelter for newbie players

However, MATN is not the only generous guy in Fallout 76. There are many Fallout hardcore gamers, such as Redditor omnipsycho, are creating networks where newbie players cooperate or make friends.

But, there's nothing ensuring this positive state can be maintained forever. Fallout 76 is a survival game in which the only thing that matters may just be power. As the number of players increases and they become more equipped, who knows what's gonna happen? Surely the game will be more competitive, conflicts will be inevitable. Until then, we can see more crazy, weird stuff and even some disturbing actions between players like what we have seen in similar games before. Only time will tell.