FIFA 20 is a well-known football simulator game developed by Electronic Arts (EA), will release on September 27 of this year. Like usual, this year, EA will also launch a demo game so players can have an overview of the game. However, instead of focusing on the Champions League like FIFA 2019, EA will particularly pay more attention to a new street football mode which is known as Volta in this demo.

FIFA 20 is coming

Information About Demo Release

The demo versions of all FIFA games are usually released 2 weeks before the official launch of the full version. Accordingly, this time, the demo version will be released on September 12, then EA will launch the full game on the aforementioned date - September 27, 2019. The demo will be available on Xbox One, PC and PS4 platforms.

Players will have two weeks to test all the aspects of FIFA 20 and then decide if the game is worth buying or not.

Teams in FIFA 20 Demo

Official Reveal Trailer ft. VOLTA Football

While the number of teams in FIFA 18 is 13 and that of FIFA 19 is 10, it is possible that this year FIFA 20 will maintain the same number of 10 teams. Manchester City, Borussia Dortmund, and Real Madrid were shown in the official trailer of FIFA 20 which means that these teams will likely to be included in 10 teams in the FIFA 20 demo. Other teams like Atletico Madrid and Ajax are also likely to appear in the demo game. However, it seems that Arsenal, Liverpool, and Barcelona, which are PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) licensed teams, will not show up in the demo.

Volta Mode

Street football is back under the name Volta

Volta is a new street football mode which is said to appear soon in the game. The famous FIFA Street has been released for seven years and was one of the fans' favorites. Now, EA will come back with the popular street football mode in FIFA 20.