What Is Ghost Recon: Breakpoint?

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is a pretty straight-forward game and it shows right at the moment it was launched. But for most people, even for those that are part of the community of the series, what the game includes can be a little bit more puzzling. We do know that it’s a hybrid of RPG plus the traditional, third-person shooter. But Ubisoft’s plan and roadmap for Breakpoint has just only been recently released with full details about all of the game modes and features. 

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In a trailer about six and a half minutes long, the developers put into words and pictures everything there is to know about the campaign, the PvP multiplayer game modes, and the development direction of the game after it was launched. So if you’re interested in finding out, well, they got you covered.

Concern For Realism

The primary thing that I’m curious (and quite worried) about Breakpoint is whether the company has learned any lessons from the previous game Wildlands or not. The arcade feel of the last game more or less removed it from the famous Tom Clancy's franchise which focuses heavily on realism. As we have known with older Ghost Recon games, like Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, the true to life military angle and experience is the chief, selling sensation of the game.

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While I do commend Ubisoft’s willingness to build a large open world in Wildlands with rich, beautiful Bolivia and provides freedom to the player to tackle the mission however they see fit. But there is one fact that Ubisoft cannot deny. Wildlands was bloated with secondary objectives and side missions (Most of which aren’t even that great or interesting, unlike the likes of Witcher 3), the gameplay itself was rather uninspiring, and numerous details in the game quite unrealistic. Everything serves to cheapen the experience considerably and quite unbecoming to deserve the Tom Clancy name.

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Whether Breakpoint will satisfy remains to be seen, and we don’t have to wait for long, anyway. The game will launch on October 4th, 2019 for all major gaming platforms PC, Xbox One, and PS4.