Just recently, gaming company Pearl Abyss has just announced that its most famous video game Black Desert is now available for PS4 platform. This title has been one of the most famous MMORPG game in the recent years. It has gathered totally more than 20 million players across PC, mobile and Xbox One platform. And now, it has officially come to PS4.

Black Desert
Black Desert is now on PS4

One of the most valuable things about this release of Black Desert on PS4 may be the live action trailer of the game. It may sound weird to you, but we do know what we are talking. This live action trailer for the PS4 release of the game features Megan Fox. Remember the super hot chick in the first two parts of Transformers? Or the super hot chick in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Yep that’s her.

Megan Fox in the trailer
Megan Fox in the trailer

We know it may feel like you have not heard about her for a life time, and it is fine. We feel the same way too, although the last time we heard about her probably just 3-4 years ago. But then in this live action trailer, she still looks super hot (to be fair, she is always hot since Transformers 1). The funny thing is that, when we first saw the picture of the default female Sorcerer of this game for the PC platform (it is named Black Desert Online) some years ago, we all thought of Megan Fox. And perhaps people in Pearl Abyss also think so. If you watch till the end of the live action trailer, you will understand our point.

This PS4 release of Black Desert is the first time we see this title is not exclusive on Xbox One for console platform. Speaking about this PS4 release of the game,  Chief Executive Officer of Pearl Abyss Robin Jung said.