GTA 5 Mission 40 - Mr Richards is the first person that one of the main protagonist - Michael De Santa receives from Mr. Solomon Richards. This mission consists of some difficult tasks, including plane piloting and shooting.

Completing this mission is quite easy, but you might struggle a little getting Gold Medal without knowing all of the requirements. Thus, here is our complete guide to help you get through GTA 5 Mr Richards missions at ease!

Below is a video showcasing how you should do with the mission. You can watch and follow if you want, but I highly recommend reading our articles to know the objectives and the tips as well:

The story of GTA 5 Mission 40

GTA 5 Mission 40 (also known as Mr Richards GTA 5 mission) is the mission for Michael De Santa at the Backlot City. Michael goes there to meet Solomon Richards. Mr Richards is upset about Milton McIlroy - one of the stars of his forthcoming project - Meltdown. Specifically, he has found a new agent named Rocco Pelosi and is hanging out for the higher income. He's also facing some problems with a director - Anton Beaudelaire, as he's having mental issues and procrastinate his production.

Gta 5 Mission 40 Mr Richards Guide 5
Michael gets to Backlot City to meet Mr. Solomon Richards

As a result, Mr. Richards has asked Michael to bring the star and the director back to the track, and Michael accepts it. Then, Michael head to the meeting place of Rocco, McIlroy and Beaudelaire on the east of Los Santos to "have a talk". Before getting there, Michael has received the warning from Solomon Richards that don't alert Rocco, or else he will warn the director and the artist.

Gta 5 Mission 40 Mr Richards Guide 6
Richards warns you not to alert Rocco

Once Michael gets to the place, he realizes a Frogger (a helicopter) landing on the roof, in which Rocco is chatting with McIlroy and Beaudelaire. Michael will have to stealthily kill the employees here to climb to the roof, and have a punch fight with the agent. After defeating Rocco, he'll get on the Frogger, convincing McIlroy and Beaudelaire to come back and working for the movie.

Gta 5 Mission 40 Mr Richards Guide 7
Head to the roof to find the helipad

However, they're not easy to accept that suggestion. Consequently, in order to complete the mission that Solomon GTA 5 has given you, you'll need to give them the ride that they won't forget. Flying at high speeds near the buildings, go underneath the bridges, and they'll finally give up.

After that, Michael will send them back to Backlot City to report the case for Mr Richards with the boys, and he can travel within the city without gaining wanted stars!

How to finish GTA 5 Mr Richard mission

GTA 5 Mission 40 - Mr Richards is the first of GTA 5 Solomon missions. It contains several objectives, which are quite easy to complete. You can see them below:

  • Follow the map and get to the meeting place in East Los Santos
  • Sneaking to the roof to the helicopter without alerting Rocco.
  • Punch Rocco down.

Gta 5 Mission 40 Mr Richards Guide 2
He doesn't stand a chance against you!

  • Get in the Frogger.
  • Threaten McIlroy and Beaudelaire by flying erratically to convince them to work for the film again.

Gta 5 Mission 40 Mr Richards Guide 3
Threat McIlroy and Beaudelaire with your absurd flying skills

  • Fly the boys back to Richards' studio.
  • Head to Solomon's office and report your success.

As you can see, all of the objectives above is very easy to finish. The only thing that you might have troubles with is driving the helipad erratically to scare McIlroy and Beaudelaire. To be more specific, if you're careless, you might crash your plane into the bridges or the building, which might evaporate all of you with an explosion.

Apart from that, just follow the directions and the tasks, and you're totally good to go with GTA V Solomon Missions.

How to get Gold medal for GTA V Mr Richards Mission

To get Gold Medal for GTA 5 Mission 40, you'll have to complete all of the objectives below. Don't worry about it too much, since you would like to do it anyway to get through the mission:

  • Mission Time: Get over the mission with less than 10:00. To complete this is very simple. You only have to skip all cutscenes and don't make too many mistakes with your tasks, and you'll get it. But if you still can't get this checked, we'll have some tips for the faster run at the end of this guide.
  • Silent Assassin: Eliminate 3 opponents with stealth strikes. It's actually a must to complete GTA 5 Mission 40 already, so you don't have to worry about this. Alerting the guards will fail the mission, so you'll have to try everything again.

Gta 5 Mission 40 Mr Richards Guide 8
Shoot down three guards silently to complete this objective

  • Can't Touch This 2.0: Beat the hell out of Rocco without taking any damage. If you're familiar with the dodging mechanics of GTA V, you can easily accomplish this mission. However, in case you don't feel confident about your prowess, you can trigger Michael's special abilities to slow down time and beat him at ease.
  • Perfect Touchdown: Land the helipad without taking any damage. Now, this is the parts that I've warned you about, and it's also the parts that I've struggled a lot. But after certain amounts of try, I finally get a tip for the safest and quickest way to ride and land the plane. Let's find out in our Tips

Tips to complete GTA 5 Mission 40

1. Follow the alternative routes to the roof

Actually, you don't need to follow the main path to the roof as the missions require you to. Instead, there are three alternative routes to get you to the roof faster.

  • The first one is the front-left entrance of the building, which you only have to encounter 3 employees instead of 5 on the main route. Three guards are also perfect for Silent Assasin objectives as well, and it's much easier and faster to complete.
  • The second one is the rear entrance, where you'll have to climb a ladder sticking to a tank to get into the building. However, if you choose to follow this route, you might miss out on the Assasin objectives, since there's only one guard on the right and one on the left. I highly recommend this strategy for fast completion, but not for Gold Medal completion.

Gta 5 Mission 40 Mr Richards Guide 10
Don't take this route if you want to slay 3 guards or more!

  • The last one and also the fastest one is to head directly to the roof using a helicopter. However, the yellow marker on the roof of the building is quite small, so the only helipad that can fit in is the Buzzard. Manage to get one before receiving the missions and use it afterward is the fastest way possible.

2. Fly straight back to the studio at high speed

To avoid damaging the Frogger, you can ignore the instruction that the game gives about flying to scare the boys. Instead, you can fly the helicopter with McIlroy and Beaudelaire directly to the studio. However, you'll need to fly at high speed, or else the boys won't accept your 'offer'.

Gta 5 Mission 40 Mr Richards Guide 9
Skip the bridges and the buildings to go straight to the studio

3. Use silenced pistol instead of hands

Last but not least, you can use the silenced pistol to stealthily shoot enemies down. This is much quicker and safer than taking them out by hands. And don't forget to avoid firing any bullet without a silencer, as it will spook Rocco outs and he'll escape with Milton and Anton. At this point, you'll completely ruin the mission, and will have to start again.


GTA 5 Mission 40 - Mr Richard is quite an easy one, but there are many tricks to boost up your performance as well. Follow our guides, and you'll recognize that completing GTA V is much easier than you've thought!