The modding scene in GTA 5 is huge, with lots of add-ons that implement new vehicles into the game. Some of them are very well made - rivaling the content created by Rockstar themselves. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 6 best GTA 5 vehicle mods to use in 2022.

1. Vanillaworks Extended Pack

Vanillaworks Extended is an add-on pack that includes a collection of lore-friendly vehicles from various different mod creators. This mod has high quality Lods (level of details), which means your game will not crash as much compared to other lore-friendly mods that have little to no lods.

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The various cars from this mod look exactly like something Rockstar would have added to the game.

The vanilla works mod is very different from all other mods on this list. Instead of adding new vehicles to GTA 5, it modifies the current vanilla vehicle and makes them better. Furthermore, it also adds countless new vehicles to the game, all of which are “manufactured” by the same companies that appear in GTA V.

The new cars in the game are all in line with the lore and style of the series - they won't look out of line at all.

Vanillaworks Extended Pack
Vanillaworks Extended Pack changes how all vehicles in the game look.

2. IVPack - GTA IV vehicles in GTA V

GTA 4 is well liked amongst fans of the series, with its iconic portrayal of Liberty City, a fictional version of New York. As GTA 4 and its sequel are in different cities, the vehicle roster is also different. This means some GTA 4 vehicles are not present in GTA 5.

The IVPack fixes that problem -  it adds all GTA IV vehicles to the most recent Grand Theft Auto game. The interiors have been reworked, and the exteriors have current-gen graphics. This mod is a must have for fans of the series.

Various vehicles from GTA 4
Various vehicles from GTA 4 are added to this mod.

3. Liberty City Vehicle & Ped Pack (FDLC, LCPD and more)

Almost 3 years in the making, Liberty City Vehicle & Ped Pack aims to bring a huge array of service vehicles of all kinds - LCPD, FDLC, LC Taxis, both new and old, to the world of Grand Theft Auto V. The pack includes over 60 individual vehicle models and numerous peds to enjoy. A huge amount of time and patience has been put into every single vehicle included in this pack, with both standard features you'd expect from Rockstar Games - LODs, dirt mapping and breakable glass, as well as much more other smaller details.

B12c2b Lcpack8
Liberty City Vehicle & Ped Pack

Every vehicle comes with a variety of spawn colors and livery variations to ensure a diverse range of possibilities, as well as paintable interiors, custom sounds and police scanner entries to give every single vehicle its own personality.

New variants of Police vehicles make the chases much more dynamic.

Handling and playability have been a huge focus with the pack too; ensuring that every vehicle feels responsive and is fun and easy to use. Some vehicles come outfitted with weapons, and others have weapon upgrades, bringing other exciting ways of making takedowns, sustaining chase and breaking off pursuits.

4. LSPD Pack

This is a dedicated pack for the Los Santos Police Department featuring various highly detailed and polished models, with the aim of a realistic look while still respecting the game lore and not straying too far from it.

B12db4 Lspdpack3

The LSPD pack improves a lot of details on the police vehicles, making them look more realistic than ever. A config for those interested in using the vehicles for LSPD First Response is also included - it is another popular LSPD mod that modifies the behavior of cops.

5. F-22 Raptor

The F-22 is the most popular fighter jet in the US Air Force aircraft inventory. Equipped with stealth and BVR capabilities, this is a true 5th gen fighter jet. With thee F-22 Raptor mod, players would be able to enjoy the power of this awesome jet in GTA 5.

2cd0b5 Raptor
Players can use the powerful Raptor in GTA 5 by installing this mod.

The modded F-22 is fairly realistic with openable weapon bays and even droppable bombs. It comes with a realistic cockpit (artificial horizon is working) and 6 different 2048x2048 pixel skins.

6. Realistic Driving V

This mod completely overhauls the driving mechanics in GTA V in order to provide the most realistic driving experience possible. If you like GTA IV's version of realistic driving, this mod should solve all your problems and create a more enjoyable driving experience.

Your GTA would be much more immersive with this mod installed.

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