Elden Ring took inspiration from multiple great dark-fantasy stories and Berserk is one of them. Berserk fans are overjoyed when they found out that the huge Dragon Slayer sword Gut used to decimate countless monsters in Berserk is available in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Greatsword Cover
The iconic Dragon Slayer from Berserk is available in Elden Ring as the Greatsword.

However, the name of the weapon in the game is simply called "Greatsword". While the Greatsword is not particularly hard to find, many players still have trouble finding it and some just want to get it as soon as possible.

In this article, we will show you how to find the Great Sword in Elden Ring.

How to find the Greatsword in Elden Ring

You can find the Greatsword in a carriage north-west to the Caelem Ruins Site of Grace. Here is how you can reach the location:

  • Start from Saintbridge and just keep following the road.
  • You need to keep traveling until you reach Caelid, where the sky turns red and the environment tone shifts greatly.
  • Keep following the main path and you will find a camp with a big wooden carriage with some huge dogs guarding it.
Berserk Great Sword
Sneak around the carriage to avoid the monsters and the sword.
  • These monsters are very strong but you don't have to fight them. Just sneak to the back of the carriage, where there is a chest that contains the Greatsword.

The Greatsword is a strong weapon that requires 31 Strength to wield. Due to its gigantic size, the weapon has high damage and a great AOE at the cost of mobility. If you are planning to take the Strenght route or just simply a huge Berserk fan then this weapon can be a great fit for you.

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