Once you know how they work, Redstone components in Minecraft can be the most useful part of your build. They can power your farms, run your rails, and even automate your lighting system.

To start working with Redstone, it is best to go from the most simple part of your build - the doors. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to make redstone doors in Minecraft 1.19

Mining Minecraft Redstone
Redstone is part of the more advanced builds in Minecraft.

1. How to make a simple Minecraft Redstone door

You can rig the door to trigger with either a button or a pressure plate.


  • Button (any)
  • A Pressure Plate (any)
  • Building Blocks (any)
  • An Iron Door

Players need to use an iron door for this, as several mobs can open wooden doors by themselves.

Steps to make a Redstone door in Minecraft:

First, create two pillars that are two blocks tall with a gap of one block in between. Then, place a button on one of the pillars.

Button On A Pillar
If you want to make a double-door setup, you need to leave a gap of two blocks here.

Preferably, this button should be on the outer side of your Minecraft house. Place the iron door between the two pillars.

Pressure Plate For Redstone Door In Minecraft

After that, go to the other side of the door and place a pressure plate next to the empty gap between the pillars.

With this contraption, you can open the door to your base by pressing the button. The pressure plate is for triggering the door when you walk out.

2. How to make a hidden Piston Redstone Door

These piston-based secret Redstone doors look like a regular wall but open like a secret gateway. Here’s how to make one:


  • 6 Sticky pistons
  • Building blocks (any but the same type)
  • 2 Pressure Plates (any)
  • 4 Redstone Torches
  • 10 pieces of Redstone Dust

Steps to create a hidden redstone door:

First, create two pillars of sticky pistons with a gap of 4 blocks between them. The pistons on both of these towers should be facing each other.

Two Pillars Of Sticky Pistons

Then, put a building block behind the middle sticky piston behind both pillars. After placing the block, put a piece of Redstone dust on top of the block.\

Redstone On Building Block

Next, create two towers of building blocks right in the middle of the sticky pistons. These blocks will act as your gateway.

Redstone Gateway

Then, dig two rows in front of the solid blocks behind the sticky pistons. These rows should be three blocks deep and two blocks long.

Three Blocks Deep Rows Behind Sticky Pistons

Then, connect these rows by digging a new row one block away from the gateway. It should be only two blocks deep, making a U shape, as shown below.

Area To Conenct Redstone For Wall Door

Next, put Redstone dust in the newly dug row and cover it with solid blocks.

Redstone Dust Beneath Blocks

Then, put a Redstone torch on either side of the bottom of this new row. After that, place a piece of Redstone dust right next to it.

Redstone Torch In A Hole

Leave the block next to the Redstone dust as it is and break the block that’s right above it. Then, place a Redstone torch in its place and another Redstone torch on top of the block above it. The second Redstone torch will be right behind the bottommost sticky piston. Do this step on both sides of the door.

Placement Of Redstone Torches In Minecraft Redston

Finally, to finish the setup, place two pressure plates right in front of the door, at a one-block gap. Then cover the Redstone holes with solid blocks.

Ready To Use Piston Door

Then, cover the entire structure with building blocks to make it blend with the world and walk up to the wall. And voila, the solid blocks in the middle will be pulled by sticky pistons to reveal the hidden passage.

3. How to make an automatic Redstone door with Sculk Sensor

With the introduction of Sculk blocks in Minecraft 1.19, players can now make wireless Redstone contraptions. You need the following items to construct an automatic Redstone door in Minecraft:


  • A Sculk Sensor
  • One Iron Doors
  • One piece of Redstone Dust
  • Two Carpets

Steps to create an automatic redstone door:

Dig a two block long row that’s one block deep then place an iron door on one side of the row, as shown in the image below.

Iron Door Next To Hole

After that, place a sculk sensor inside the row on the side opposite the door. Then, place a piece of Redstone dust right in front of it and connect it to the door.

Sculk Sensor For Redstone Door In Minecraft

Finally, use the carpets to cover the Redstone dust and Sculk sensor. Now, whenever you walk to the door, it will automatically open to allow you to enter on either side.

Sculk Sensor Based Door With Carpets
You can create a pattern with the carpets to make them appear more natural.

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