Year 3716, humanity on Earth is in the constant threat of giant alien called GIGANT. A young mysterious girl is recused and brought to the ARK-3, a huge flying city built on the sky. You will take on the role of a mother to take care of Ciel and raise her until she is grown up.

Ciel Fledge is a parenting simulator in the future world for Window and Switch. You will get to do all the job that all parent do like helping her with the school, choosing a hobby, finding a part-time job and spending time with her every day. And like all family in real life, each of your decision will affect her life in some way which might turn the outcome of the story into many different endings.

You will take on the responsibility to raise Ciel

Ciel's age, height, and weight will change over time along with her personality. You are the person to decide who she will become. You have to watch her every day to see how she is doing. If Ciel is too tired, you will need to boost her stamina by giving her some items. You can also spoil her a little bit by giving her some pocket money or scold her for being absent from school. It's your responsibility to do what's right.

You will have to go through daily activities

Every daily life challenge like homework, school exam,... is in the form of match-three card games. You can learn techniques and build friendships to gain extra advantages in battles.

You need to track her attributes and relationships each week to see how she has changed. There are hundreds of different traits in the game that might result in new interactions and skills in battle.

Your decisions will have great impacts on Ciel

The game features a light-hearted art style with relaxing music inspired by Japanese City Pop. You will find yourself chilling with the peaceful sights and sounds of the city while going through the daily routine of ARK-3.

Ceil Fledge is coming to Steam this autumn.