After a brief review at E3 2019, the developer Unfrozen has been working hard with its upcoming title - Iratus: Lord of the Dead. And finally, here's the good news: the game is coming out this month in Early Access state on Steam.

Here's the trailer of the game, which you can see for yourself:

The background story of Iratus: Lord of the Dead

In Iratus: Lord of the Dead, you'll take control of the necromancer Iratus. He has just been freed from a-millennia long imprisonment, and now, he's back to revenge.

As an evil master necromancer, Iratus has the ability to conquer the dark creatures. Making the mighty army of undead creatures, Iratus is finding his way back to the mortal world, and on his bloody quest for vengeance against those players that had brought him down the underground tomb.

Iratus Lord Of The Dead Comes Out On Steam This Mo
Iratus commands his army to find a way to the mortal world

The story sounds edgy as heck, especially for players that are sick of ordinary fairy tale where goodness always wins. With the dark fantasy theme, the game promises to attract a lot of fearless adventurers.

About its gameplay

The game is described by the developer as "a turn-based tactical roguelike RPG". 

Specifically, the necromancer Iratus has the ability to make an army based on vanquished enemies. This requires you to slay more underground foes and then take control of them and command them as you wish. The enemies vary from 16 types, including skeletons, banshees, zombies and many more.

Iratus Lord Of The Dead Comes Out On Steam This Mo
You can craft your minions using the body parts as well!

Furthermore, you can also upgrade your minions. The game provides over 100 differentiate skills, and you can combine them to create the most fearsome one.

And as you make progress in the roguelike underground world, Iratus will unlock his masteries tree with four distinctive magic lines. They include Alchemy, Destruction, Ire, and Magic, which will provide you will many skill utilities, and will surely change the way you play.

Iratus Lord Of The Dead Comes Out On Steam This Mo
Gain more skills as you'll make progress through the underworld

Combats in Iratus: Lord of the Dead are turn-based, in which you'll have to learn about your enemies' weakness, and how to exploit them. And even though you're basically an undead, you can't just close your eyes and fight vigorously because you can't die anymore.

It's a roguelike game, so there will be permadeath. All you and your minions will evaporate if you get defeated in combat, so be extremely careful with your planning. Your enemies won't be a bunch of no-brainers either, which their AI will change as you further exploring the underworld. It might be a bit challenging, but fascinating, too!

Iratus Lord Of The Dead Comes Out On Steam This Mo
Learn your enemies' weakness to use the best combination against them

Early Access coming out on Steam, Free demo available

The Russian studio Unfrozen and the publisher Daedalic Entertainment will bring us the Early Access version of the game on July 24.

Iratus: Lord of the Dead will come out on Steam, but if you can't wait for the early access, you can try the 493MB demo version of the game.

It's available on its Kickstarter page, so be sure to check it out.