Tenderfoot Tactics is an open-world turn-based combat title that features gods, either the impotent or the prick ones.

In Tenderfoot Tactics, you are a goblin who’s sailing away from home due to the nasty fog. Here, a potential malevolent spirit may have put you into a surprise adventure of your life. In this adventure, you battle against others and carry out abilities like running down furrows or spreading fire.

Tenderfoot Tactics
Tenderfoot Tactics, by Michael Bell, Badru and Isa Hutchinson.

Without further ado, take a look at the game trailer below.

Combat system in Tenderfoot Tactics

In fact, the combat looks absolutely intriguing in Tenderfoot Tactics. There’s a system of different classes like mages or warriors, each can evolve as you progress further into the game. Especially, move distance is the same for every character, making it easy to parse opportunities as well as vulnerabilities.

The development team of Tenderfoot Tactics really are minimizing the chances while emphasizing unpredictability. The environment explains how this works, here’s some illustrations.

Game mechanics illustration

Melee attacks often destroy plants around. To be clear, this means destroying bushes that supposed to be ‘difficult terrain.’

The more you play, the more you can understand the mechanics of the game. For example, by destroying plants and breaking the line of travel to spread a fire, attacking an ’empty’ space can prevent significant damage.

Take a look on how that works in motion:

In summary

Tenderfoot Tactics is a special game that offers a decent look, a fascinating story and an intriguing style of combat. The team behind this wonderful title was also the one to create Viridi, a captivating garden ’em up title in the past.

Interestingly, the name “Tenderfoot” appeared before in another meditative garden sim. Hence, it might not be a coincidence for “Tenderfoot” to appear again so soon.

Tenderfoot Tactics is coming out somewhere between late 2019 and early 2020.

Tenderfoot Tactics
Be ready to encounter those spooky spirits, with one being a highly annoying doggo.