The indie developer Drix Studios is making progress with its fan-funded title - Grand Guilds. It's a fantasy-themed title that has unique card-based combat style.

Still can't imagine how the game will be yet? Here's the latest trailer that the developer has provided for you!

What's Grand Guilds about?

After achieving the over $30,000 fund on Kickstarter - almost tripled the fun goal, the developer is finally making progress with Grand Guilds. And from some early-stage footages of the game, it looks really great!

In the game, you'll take the role of a female adventurer - Eliza in the land of Irin. Irin now having its precious peace, but recent incidents have reminded us how fragile peace can be. On the edge of another war, only the guilds - the independent organizations consisting of extraordinary people can save the case.

Grand Guilds An Unique Card Based Combat Title 3
The guilds now carry the duty of protecting the land from the chaos

Eliza will have to fight to find out what is happening and protect the beautiful land from the incoming chaos. As she goes on her journey, Eliza will meet various characters that have their own characteristics and abilities. As a result, the crew gets together, and with the same aim, they'll fulfill their mission beside each other!

Grand Guilds An Unique Card Based Combat Title 2
She doesn't seem that friendly though ...

The developer has said that the game will feature 9 playable characters, who are partially voiced at the beginning of their lines. The main story will be told through various dialogues and cutscenes that take the vibes of novels, just like Fire Emblem.

Overview on the gameplay

The overall story wasn't that unique, but the attractive part the game is actually the gameplay. Grand Guilds is described as "a story-driven, tactical RPG with card combat mechanics". You've already heard about the story-driven parts, and here's the overview on the gameplay.

First of all, Grand Guilds features turn-based strategy gameplay style. To be more specific, you'll have to make use of anything that could bring you advantages in combat. They vary from your position, the terrain surrounding, as well as your action points. The best to make use of these elements will be the last one standing!

Grand Guilds An Unique Card Based Combat Title 4
Terrains matter in this turn-based game!

However, the game doesn't solely depend on tactics and strategies. It also depends on your luck as well. That's where the cards kick in.

Apparently, you can choose which cards you'll list on your deck. The cards are divided into three types: physical, magical and utility. Building the decks that suit your play style will make you more comfortable in battle.

Grand Guilds An Unique Card Based Combat Title 1
Build your own deck that suits your play style!

However, just like the Yugioh! series, it depends on what you draw that you'll calculate the suitable plan. This means sometimes you'll have the best combination, and sometimes dead hands as well. The cards' skills work accordantly with your positioning, in which you can empower the cards' abilities on certain terrains.

Consequently, learning how to make use of what you have is very critical!

Grand Guilds An Unique Card Based Combat Title 1
Make the best out of your cards and positions!

Apart from the combat, the overworld has contributed the adventuring elements to the gameplay. The game provides you with a world map, with which you can check for your progress on the quests. It also gives you the system that let you manage your characters and party.

When will the game come out?

The game is still under development now, and the creator hasn't provided the official release date of the game yet. However, it still promised backers with the game's estimated delivery: September 2019.

Grand Guilds will support Switch and PC through Steam at launch. The PC version will be DRM-free, so you won't have to log-in or go online to play this game.

Grand Guilds An Unique Card Based Combat Title 4
Head to the game's Kickstarter page to download the demo version

If you can help with your curiosity, Drix Studio does provide a free demo version of the game on its Kickstarter page, which you download and try for yourself.