Microsoft has allegedly delivered the beta version of Halo Reach for approximately 1000 PC gamers. However, the amount of people waiting to try this game is exceeding this number.

As a result, some players might have leaked this beta release online, and Microsoft is definitely not happy about it.

Halo Reach has just released for Insiders in beta phases

Last weekend, Microsoft has joined hand with 343 Industries to announce the beta test phase for Halo Reach. It's the first installment in Halo Master Chief Collection to get released to PC.

In order to celebrate this announcement, Microsoft also released a 17-minute gameplay video of the game. This video demonstrated the experience of the first mission  “Tip of the Spear”. However, the special thing about the clip is that it recorded the game playing under 4K resolution with 60fps.

From the beautiful graphics and gameplay from the tease, the players' desire to play the game is understandable. However, there are only a limited amount of people that receive the email containing the Steam key can try it.

That's why someone has made use of this unmet demand. The beta testing phase only lasted for 48 hours, but someone still managed to upload an illegal copy of Halo Reach on the internet.

Halo Reach Beta Leaked 2
Someone has leaked Halo Reach online, and Microsoft is aware of that

While Microsoft and 343 Industries are not happy about the case, it's still under their expectations. And to threaten anyone that related to this genuine release, the developer has sent a firm announcement warning that if you choose to use the illegal version, you'll face getting banned forever from 343 projects.

Tyler “Postums” Davis from 343 Industries also revealed that they've prepared for this infringement, and they'll deliver firm punishment if they need to.

Getting banned for this is not worth since many more are coming in the future

While threatening about the illegal copy, Tyler also reassured players with the promise on the tests. To be more specific, he confirmed that the developer will expand their beta test to reach more people and bring access to other parts of the game.  However, he didn't confirm officially when the next beta test will come out. "It's ready when it's ready" - he said.

Halo Reach Beta Leaked 1
More people can join in the next beta test

While waiting for further announcements, you should sign-up for Insider test first if you want to be one of those chosen players!

Speaking about getting chose, there's a rumor that Microsoft has preferred streamers and content creators over ordinary users.

Halo Reach Beta Leaked 3
There's a rumor on Microsoft's preference

Amidst that allegation, 343 Industries has officially confirmed that they choose the tester based on their PC configuration, not for their fame. Furthermore, it also stated that their also a part of their term that forbids people from streaming the beta game.

Considering this statement, we can infer that players with higher PC powers will be more likely to try the game. So if you're that desperate, upgrade your PC now!

Halo Reach Beta Leaked 4
Maybe if you have a Titan GTX, you'll get the Steam key to try Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach and other installments in the Halo Master Chief Collection will come out for PC through both Windows Store and Steam. There're totally 6 titles, including Halo: Reach, Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and last but not least, Halo 4.

Ordinary players must purchase each title separately. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can get the whole package at no extra costs.