We have recently see the card images of five leaked new characters in Apex Legends,  these images were leaked out last week and have been gathering the attention of a lot of people ever since.

On the 4th of March,  DTZxPorter has revealed on Twitter some images of what was claimed to be the work-in-progress heroes in Apex Legends. From what we have seen so far, they seem to be the card images in the screen of character selection. Apparently, he has found these images in a hidden Apex file and then published them on the internet.

The leaked card images

This leaked image also shows some existing Legends, on the left we have Bangalore, the third slot is of Caustic, Bloodhound on the sixth, Mirage on the most right corner. Other images about the new Legends will be revealed later or will be added to the game.

Leaked New Characters From Apex Legends Last Week

Observe the image carefully, on the second slot we have a new character with a white skull mask, looks quite like Reaper from Overwatch. In the center of the image, we have two new Legends both with glowing and white eyes, so I suppose that they would be just like Wraith with his immaterial powers. Standing between Mirage and Bloodhound are two other Legends, however, from this image alone, we couldn't tell anything about them or their special abilities yet. The only thing we know that one is a white strong man and one other has an eye patch and red beard.


Leaked New Characters From Apex Legends Last Week

From another DTZxPorter's image, we also got to see the upcoming Octane, a new Apex' Legend. Despite the rumor that Octane is fake, from this image we could tell that Octane is real and is very close to being released.

All of these five Legends are still in working progress, following DTZx. The images of the card might look amazing authentic, but we still the developer of Apex hasn't confirmed this information yet, so all of this could still be faked or just never got released.

Let's wait and see in the next few week for Respawn Entertainment's surprise.