The Zelda series' success is such a great inspiration, to the point that a lot of indie developers want to replicate it. Lenna's Inception is one of those titles, but it does contain some unique elements on its own.

Recently, the developer has released a new gameplay trailer for the game. You can watch it below:

About Lenna's Inception

Not every time you can rely on a hero to save the land, and this scenario is happening in Lenna's Inception. The land is now under the verge of destruction, as the wicked Chairman of the Banker has kidnapped the Prince. After that, he has opened the door for the Archangels - a bunch of dangerous glitches - to invade the land.

Lenna's Inception A Zelda Inspired Adventure Game R
The Archangels are invading the kingdom!

As always, a hero has risen against the scenario. However, he died after one blow, exposing the land to the new chaos reign. Therefore, the elder has to come to Lenna - a reluctant tutor - convincing her to save the land. Now, she'll have to embark in this dangerous glitching island, dive into the dungeons and beat eight Archangels to return the kingdom back.

However, it's not going to be easy. All she has to lead her is the guide of the dead elder, who might know more about this disaster...

Special gameplay features

As I have mentioned, Lenna's Inception is a pixel-style action-adventure game which takes the inspiration from Zelda. You can already see that through the story of the game, but it does have something special under its sleeves.

The first thing is that Lenna's Inception features a procedurally-generated world, which no second walkthrough is going to be the same. Ready to dive into many intriguing dungeons with dangerous creatures lying down there to get to the glitches. Furthermore, the game features two graphics mode, the 8-bit kind and the 32-bit kind, which you can switch freely at any time.

Lenna's Inception A Zelda Inspired Adventure Game R
Lenna's Inception features a procedurally-generated world

Secondly, Lenna's Inception has multiple endings, which will change based on your decisions. Together with the world that changes over time, those features bring a new sky of replay capability to the Zelda-like experience. You can also meet some intriguing companions as well, including a chicken, a pumpkin and 2 more to discover.

Lenna's Inception A Zelda Inspired Adventure Game R
Have a chicken pet is my wet dream!

Last but not least, this game supports multiplayer play. However, it's only limited to the local co-op, which you can enjoy with your friends at your place.

The developer announced its split

Previously, the developer has revealed that the publisher Chucklefish will help push Lenna's Inception to the public. However, for an unknown reason, Bytten Studio will self-publish its title now.

Lenna's Inception A Zelda Inspired Adventure Game R
Chucklefish will no longer publish this game

The game is due out at an unknown date in 2020. It'll be available for PC through both Steam and