Illagers are aggressive mobs that commonly appear in woodland mansions, patrols, raids, and pillager outposts. They exhibit hostility towards players, villagers (except for baby villagers), wandering traders, and iron golems.

They are the main hostile faction players can encounter in the overworld. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase all Illagers in the game and how to farm them.

1. Pillager

Pillagers are part of the Illager mob family in Minecraft and are known for their hostility towards villagers. They are aggressive towards players, villagers, snow golems, wandering traders, and iron golems. Among the Illagers, Pillagers are considered the least powerful and are armed with crossbows to eliminate their targets. These hostile mobs can be encountered during raids, patrols, and in the vicinity of Pillager outposts. If you successfully defeat a Pillager, they may drop items such as a crossbow, an ominous or Illager banner, and arrows.


2. Vindicator

Vindicators hold a crucial role within the Illager family and are the second most powerful non-boss hostile mobs. They can be found in woodland mansions and participate in raids while wielding iron axes. These axes are occasionally enchanted, adding an extra layer of difficulty when engaging them in combat. Aside from these distinctions, Vindicators share similar characteristics with Pillagers.


3. Evoker

Evokers are the Illager family's enchantment-wielding members, known for their spellcasting abilities. They appear in raids and can be found within woodland mansions. Despite their infrequent appearance, they are highly sought after because they are the sole source of the Totem of Undying in Minecraft. However, it is important not to underestimate them, as Evokers pose a significant threat. They have the ability to summon fangs or vexes to launch attacks against their adversaries.

Minecraft Evoker

Normally, the evoker conjures 16 fangs arranged in a straight line directed at the target. However, if the target is within a 3-block range of the evoker, the evoker summons two circles of fangs around itself: a smaller circle containing 5 fangs and a larger one with 8 fangs. It is worth noting that the player can evade the fangs since they do not actively pursue the player. The act of summoning fangs resets the evoker's spell cooldown to two seconds and also resets the cooldown for summoning fangs to five seconds.

4. Vex

Vex is a diminutive hostile mob armed with a small iron sword and possesses the ability to traverse through solid blocks by flying. It exclusively materializes when summoned by an Evoker to launch an assault. Due to their elusive nature, it is advisable to evade encounters with Vexes whenever feasible. Moreover, they naturally perish within a few seconds of their spawning. Hence, unless there is a living Evoker present to summon additional Vexes, there is no need for concern regarding their presence.

Vexattacks Compressed

5. Ravager

Ravagers are formidable and sizable hostile mobs that exclusively appear during raids alongside the Illagers. They often spawn without a rider, although occasionally you may come across Illagers riding them. Unlike many other creatures in the game, Ravagers have the ability to damage certain plant-based blocks by charging into them.

Ravager In Minecraft 1 1024x576

These powerful mobs do not wield weapons and rely solely on ramming attacks to pursue their enemies. It is generally advisable to defeat them from a safe distance. Upon their demise, Ravagers drop a saddle and twenty experience orbs, which is the highest amount of experience points that a non-boss mob can yield.

6. Witch

Witches are a commonly encountered hostile mob that can be found in various situations, such as during raids, in dimly lit areas, in swamp huts, or when a lightning strike affects a villager. Regular witches display hostility towards players, whereas the ones spawned during raids show aggression towards villagers, wandering traders, and iron golems.

Witch In Minecraft 5 1024x576

In contrast to traditional weapons or melee attacks, witches employ splash potions as their primary short-range weaponry. They also possess the ability to heal themselves by consuming positive potions. When a witch is defeated, it has the potential to drop a range of items including sticks, glass bottles, glowstone dust, gunpowder, redstone dust, spider eyes, and sugar. Additionally, if you manage to eliminate a witch while it is in the process of drinking a potion, there is a chance for it to drop bottles of potions as well.

7. Illusioner

The Illusioner is an Illager that remains unused in the game. It is equipped with a bow and possesses the ability to attack using illusions and arrows.

Illusioner Minecraft

By default, the Illusioner is unable to attack with any item other than a bow unless it is summoned using commands. Additionally, it cannot utilize tipped arrows in its offhand slot (although it can use spectral arrows) and is unable to employ enchanted bows. Notably, the illusioner is the only Illager capable of detecting its target through walls.

The Illusioner possesses two distinct spells: one that inflicts blindness upon its opponent and another that summons visual pseudo-duplicates while rendering the Illusioner itself invisible.

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