Legacy Roleplay India became a top server in India after it got its validation from several Indian Grand Theft Auto V roleplay streamers. GTA V Roleplay became a trend among its fans in India which also gave birth to new YouTube streamers. But recently, Legacy Roleplay India is running into bad books among the fans due to alleged high handedness of server staff and its manager.

RaviCan't recently banned a group of GTA V players from the server and announced that after the server wipe only a few players will be unbanned.

RaviCan't aka Ravi Singh is the manager of Legacy India and he has landed into a controversy with fans spamming #EndLegacy on live chats of several GTA V streamers. During one of the roleplay incidents, a streamer named YT Hathoda along with his friends including Gunshot was banned from the server. However, the reason for banning was given as 'GG' (An acronym for Good Game). This further led to game rage and spread hatred among the GTA V audience in India.

RaviCan't has been accused of showing favoritism for a group of GTA V Roleplay players in the server.

Moreover, streamers who spoke to GuruGamer correspondent claimed that the charges of priority queue to enter its servers has been increased exorbitantly. For the unversed, Legacy India has a white-list server which requires a GTA V player to fill a form and go through an interview. After clearing the process, a GTA V Roleplay player has to purchase a priority pass to avoid long queues. It has often happened that due to the popularity of these servers a long queue of players waits to enter the game.

Gagandeep Singh
Sikhwarrior has abandoned this server and is playing GTA V roleplay in New Dawn Era server

Ravi Singh has been alleged of earning money through the servers which he has claimed that he has never been paid. He had also claimed that he is managing the server to benefit the Indian gaming community. Due to several renowned streamers attached to the Legacy India server, small-time streamers often face the heat after speaking against the management. Gagandeep Singh aka Sikhwarrior abandoned this server to join New Daw Era.

Gta V Robbing Tongva Drive Limited Ltd Gasoline
Legacy Roleplay India server is going through a wipe and players will have to grind again in the server.

Indians playing the roleplay in these servers have turned them into a robbery simulator rather than into a strong roleplay which is required for entertaining the audience. Several glitches have been identified in the server and several streamers have dumped Legacy India for new and upcoming servers. It will be interesting to watch roleplay after the server goes through a complete wipe.