A veteran PUBG Mobile team Etg Brawlers were not given a slot in the PMCO regional stages. The fans, however, were upset for not seeing their favorite squad playing the tournament. Nova and Iconic are the veteran players and have been in the esports scene since it started taking shape in India. Iconic previously played for Team SouL and had quit joining Etg Brawlers.

Etg Brawlers failed to secure a slot in the PMCO group stages

It has been claimed that the veteran team was snatched away from their slot and was given to Orange Rock. Several senior PUBG Mobile players revealed that the team is a part of Entity Gaming and the PMCO 2020 organizers had announced that only one team can participate in the tournament from a single organization.

Etg Brawlers have been acquired by Entity Gaming and now it is their flagship team in India. Its other players include Brawl Bomber and Brawl Dark. However, Entity Gaming has already been qualified for higher stages of the tournament.

Fans of Brawl Iconic slammed PMCO organizers for showing bias towards the team

The performance of this team has been stable during the recently held tier 1 scrims. During PMCO regional group stage matches, fans were seen slamming PMCO organizers for showing bias towards one of the oldest PUBG Mobile team in India.

Nova called the entire incident very unfortunate

Kronten Gaming during his live stream was asked about Etg Brawlers slot controversy to which he said, "PMCO has a rule in which one squad can play through one organization. So their slot was canceled by the organizers. Even if they had two different registered organizations then still it would have worked but now nothing can be done. It is very unfortunate that Nova did not get a slot for the PMCO."

Etg Brawlers was performing in a stable way during tier 1 scrims.

Similarly, Rahul Dhankhar aka Novaking during his stream was questioned why his team has failed to get a slot in PMCO to which he said, "Our management is in touch with the organizers. It is very unfortunate that such a thing has happened. However, we plan to play normally and practice harder for upcoming tournaments."