We're still quite far from Marvel's Avengers May 2020 release date. However, the publisher Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics still want to strike early, as they've unleashed a new trailer showcasing the key features of their title.

We can mention some of them, including the narrative with Ms. Marvel - Kamala Khan, the gears upgrading system, and the outfits that we and the mightiest heroes on Earth can wear. But before getting into the details, we invited you to see the latest trailer of Marvel's Avengers again for better illustration:

The story of Marvel's Avengers

From previous reveals, we have an overall look at what will happen in this game, but not as detailed as this time. If you've missed out the first part of the trailer looking at how beautiful this game is, here's the summary for you:

The story of this game starts on the so-called A-days - the day that the Avengers celebrate their first base on the west coast. Alongside the new Headquarters, the Avengers also reveals their Terrigen Crystal Reactor - the new technology that will power the whole base.

Marvels Avengers New Detailed Trailer 1
The new reactor exploded, destroying the whole city of San Francisco

However, something has gone wrong with the reactor, causing an unexpected accident that devastate the whole San Francisco landscape. The inhabitants here blame our heroes for it, and forcing the crew to disband with the pressure from the government. Replacing them to protect the Earth is a new organization - AIM.

Fives years later after the events, AIM has successfully implemented their 'Synthroid AIs', which will do the protecting jobs that alter the jobs of the superheroes. However, it's only the surface of the whole sea, and below, AIM is aiming to take control of Earth.

Marvels Avengers New Detailed Trailer 2
AIM is the new 'protector' of Earth, but they are more ambitious than that

The truth gradually unfolds, and we need the Avengers back more than any time else. Thus, an Avengers' fangirl with superpower namely Kamala Khan will embark on her dangerous journey to proof the innocent of our heroes and reunited the crew to defeat the evil plan of AIM.

Marvels Avengers New Detailed Trailer 3
Kamala Khan - Ms. Avenger - will have to reunite the Avenger and stop AIM

Details on gameplay features

Marvel's Avengers is a third-person action-adventure game, featuring the superheroes from the original Avengers movie/comic. You can either play this game solo or with your friends to put a stop to any dangers, even when they're just looming.

Starting the game with a new base in an abandoned Helicarrier, you'll have to complete the missions of protecting humankind, stopping AIM and return peace to Earth. Further completing mission, you will receive gears to upgrade not only your base but also your equipment as well. You can see how Iron Man adds new gears and upgraded his power through the trailer.

Marvels Avengers New Detailed Trailer 5
Newly upgraded equipment will make our heroes stronger!

Furthermore, you'll not only gain the loots from missions but also skill points too. Using them to enhance your power and adding new skills to your set is the way to go with tougher missions in the future. And together with the equipment upgrade, those skills will change the way you play forever.

Marvels Avengers New Detailed Trailer 4
You can gain EXP to upgrade your favorite heroes' skills, too

And even though we've mentioned that Marvel's Avengers supports both solo and co-op play, it's not available for all missions. In fact, the missions in this game are separated into two types. The first one is the Hero Mission, in which you'll control a certain hero and complete their objectives. Secondly - the Warzone missions - will pack up to 4 players as 4 Avengers to into the missions together, which you can enjoy your online co-op fun.

Marvels Avengers New Detailed Trailer 6
Smack those machine heads now, Hulk!

Last but not least, each Avenger has various sets of outfits, which was developed based on the 80-year history of the Marvel. Yes, that means Kamala Khan will have some, too.

Marvel's Avengers New Detailed Trailer 7
Hulk is a gentleman now with this manly suit!

Release date and supported platforms

Marvel's Avengers will launch for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia on May 15, 2020.