OppenMiner Dev, a Minecraft modder, has been working on creating a Minecraft explosion mod ever, named OppenMiner since releasing their initial YouTube video on the topic 6 months ago. The developer mentioned in their videos that the mod will not be available to the public until it is more developed. The mod will feature a changing nuclear wasteland surrounding the player's bombed location. Fallout fans may notice resemblances in how nuclear weapons impact the environment in Fallout 76.

A video update was posted on May 3rd on the OppenMiner Dev YouTube channel, highlighting enhancements made to the mod's explosion effects. The explosions in the video appear very lifelike for a game like Minecraft. The video named "I turned the Explosion Effects up to 11 | OppenMiner Dev v0.2.1" is the ninth update video in the channel's archives. Despite receiving nine updates, the mod has still not been made available to the public. It hasn't been disclosed whether this modification impacts the blasts caused by Creepers, which are stronger than TNT.

OppenMiner Minicraft Explosion Mod To Go Beyond Fancy

The Minecraft explosion mod also features ballistic missiles and custom in-game sound effects. In a video released on March 22nd, titled "Minecraft Ballistic Missiles - Incendiary Explosions & Sound Engine | OppenMiner Dev v0.10," several ballistic missiles are showcased attacking a Minecraft city with remarkable incendiary effects. The sound engine included in the system computes the velocity of sound, adds reverb, and reduces the volume of the explosion's sound from afar. Players can utilize the missiles to eliminate groups of enemies, just like in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom game.

Minecraft Explosion Mod
The Minecraft explosion mod also features ballistic missiles and custom in-game sound effects.

Although OppenMiner Minecraft explosion mod does not have a specific release date, it regularly gets updates on progress through its developer. The modder has introduced various additions, demonstrated in the most recent video, such as a simple aerial bomb that can be released from an aircraft using redstone or a basic vanilla redstone device. OppenMiner Dev is named after Oppenheimer and the Manhattan Project, a historical event that many games have previously mentioned. Supporters of the mod should anticipate additional announcements on OppenMiner Dev's YouTube channel shortly, followed by a public launch at a later date.

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