Still can't get out of John Wick 3: Parabellum hype? Here is the new John Wick 8-bit platformer for you to grind while waiting for John Wick Hex to come out.

Let's see the trailer of the game below:

John Wick brings up the retro platformer vibes

This title's name is just simply "John Wick", and it's the product from the developer MuriloDev. It's basically a free 8-bit action platformer that brings the vibes of the old-school Contra on the 4-button controller. According to the developer, this game's objective is to give the player a glimpse on how the recent John Wick movie might've looked like back in the day.

New 8 Bit Action Platformer John Wick Game 1
See Keanu Reeve in pixel-dot is an extraordinary experience

MuriloDev made this game based on the Overplasma engine, and it's very lite but cool! The game only takes 20MB of your disk space, and it's free. That's why I see no reason not to download and play it right now.

With its first version, the game still faces some issues, as players couldn't use controllers to play this game.  However, at this time of writing, the developer has provided the fix for this, and you can play it with whatever you want.

New 8 Bit Action Platformer John Wick Game 2
You can play this free game with either controllers or keyboards and mouses

Be mindful that the game's default control settings are for gamepad. So, if you want to follow Keanu Reeves with his action using the mouse and keyboard, switch the control scheme in the options.

One more special thing about this game is that it doesn't have any checkpoint. To be more specific, the whole contents of John Wick is not very long. Hey, it's just 20MB, what can you ask for?

New 8 Bit Action Platformer John Wick Game 3
There's no savepoint in John Wick!

However, you can't just save your progress anywhere, which means you'll have to start from the beginning every time you die. At this point, this is quite similar to Jump King, but not that frustrating!

New 8 Bit Action Platformer John Wick Game 4
Have you heard about Jump King?

Where to download it?

If you're really interested in Keanu Reeve's famous movie and the intense bullet-dodging gameplay, you can try this John Wick game.

It's available for free download on MuriloDev's page, which you can find here.