Scott Cawthon, the father of the phenomenon Five Nights at Freddy's horror games franchise has released a load of previews for new updates for the series. The new information reveals early details of a brand new "AAA" game, updated progress for console ports, and much more.

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Five Nights at Freddy's

About the console ports

First of all, as unveiled in August, Cawthon verified that console ports for FNAF are under development. Originally, Cawthon made that announcement way back in 2016. However, he later canceled them all since the deal concerned him in some ways. Hence, it is very encouraging and worth the wait to hear about their resumed progress.

The Clickteam developer is in charge of these HD ports for Five Nights at Freddy's original games. As stated by Cawthon, they're working on those newly introduced ports and currently hitting 20% progress. After their completion, the versions will come to Xbox One, Switch, and PS4. Moreover, those ports are receiving an airing on both Android and iOS as well as having an improved HD guise.

Regarding the new upcoming game

Five Nights at Freddy's series has been extremely popular with 6 mainline games and 2 spin-offs under its name. However, ideas seemed to keep coming towards Cawthon to make another sequel for his exceptionally amazing series. The creator himself unveiled that “Into Madness” would be the name for his upcoming game. The potential release will be a collection of some preceding gameplay ideas and is likely to be free-to-play. Nonetheless, Cawthon did inform the public about the uncertainty of its release, in quite a jokey manner.

Five Nights At Freddys 2
Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Simultaneously, the AR and VR versions of the projected “Into Madness” are also in operation. The first version being the AR entry is 10% complete. Meanwhile, the VR entry, whose development is being handled by Steel Wool, is already 40% complete. Also, there have been a few early words of description for the new "Triple A” game. " A LOT of things is going on in the working process of the game. Cawthon himself didn’t reveal any more information as his following project is still under planning phase. However, he did leak out that he’s making progress with the associated studio to ensure its quality. In his opinion, the upcoming content will surely deliver and fans of FNAF will like what’s coming up.

Five Nights at Freddy's to be on big screens

Last but definitely not least, setting aside the new horror series, Five Nights at Freddy's is coming to theaters. The film is in its development stage under the control of Chris Columbus. In case you’re wondering, Chris Columbus is the director of our favorites Harry Potter and Home Alone franchises. His next work for FNAF will take place under the first 3 game’s theme.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

However, Cawthon did point out that the movie isn’t coming out anytime soon. The man didn’t like the initial movie script and decided to let go of it. According to him, there was another idea for the movie that he liked better. Cawthon later explained that it was really challenging, not just for him, but for everyone to think of a good screenplay and plot for this movie. He is very committed to searching for a story that feels right, even though it takes time to do so. Cawthon will stick to what he always said, either he made the right movie, or no movies will be made.

Cawthon himself doesn’t like to delay the project any further, especially when there were many delays in the past. However, as a scriptwriter, he has to think very thoroughly about what’s coming in the movie. Cawthon emphasizes that he must trust his instincts on what he thinks will be the catch for the fans. Even if he has to go through the planning stage 10 more times, that is what the man would do.

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