The upcoming Terminator: Resistance is a shooter game - but if you're expecting to go into the game and 'Rambo-ing' through enemies like a walk in the park - then you should think again. A recently revealed gameplay footage from the game has a huge emphasis on stealth, requiring you to sneak through patrolling enemies in order to progress.

The new gameplay footage has shown us around 30 minutes of the game, and you can watch it from the video below, starting from 2:31:30 mark:

Terminator: Resistance Gameplay Footage

As we can see in the playthrough of the demo, while you are equipped with a gun, they do nothing with the patrolling T-1000s - as their hard shell make them invulnerable to regular bullets. According to the developers, you can damage them later in the game when you gain access to plasma weapons, but early on in the game, you will have to carefully navigate through the level so that you won't expose yourself to the enemies. Getting spotted by the patrolling Terminators is deadly - as they can kill you in just a few hits.

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A screenshot from the game

To help the players with navigating through the area, the game also features a stealth vision mode - dubbed Ultravision - that will allow players to see through the wall, marking the enemies, and display their information so that you could plan your moves ahead. Some more details that you can notice in this game including a hacking minigame, and an RPG-like leveling system.

While the visual of the game is certainly not on-par with current-gen games - to be honest, it looks like a game from the PS3 era - it's actually your preferences if you are considering this as a minus point for the game or not.

Terminator: Resistance will be available on November 15th, 2019 for PC and Xbox One.