It's exciting news for fans of Action RPGs: another blockbuster is set to debut in 2024, transporting gamers back to the medieval era to explore a vast chaotic world of Bohemia amidst the turmoil of a civil war. The game is promised to become a big hit worth experiencing for game enthusiasts.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Ii Gameplay
Kingdom Come Deliverance II is anticipated to be an immersive role-playing experience.

2024 continues to witness the restless development of the global gaming scene with numerous blockbusters, some true masterpieces, and packed release schedules from the very beginning of the year. And just recently, there's another rather wonderful news for gamers worldwide as the renowned developer Warhorse Studios has announced the release of a new blockbuster this year called Kingdom Come Deliverance II, the much-awaited sequel to the action RPG brand released in 2018.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Ii Overview
"I've always hated crossbows. Takes too long to load!" - Yoren of the Night's Watch.

Accordingly, Kingdom Come Deliverance II will continue the story of the protagonist Henry as he continues his quest to seek revenge for his loved ones, and becomes a true knight along the way. Kingdom Come Deliverance II has promised to have a superior combat system compared to the previous version, a world setting that is at least twice as vast, and above all, a deeper and more engaging storyline with the appearance of countless NPCs and intricate narratives intertwined with Henry's life.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Ii Henry
Anyone else excited to see how Henry has improved his fighting skills since the first game?

Kingdom Come Deliverance II is mainly set in the medieval city of Bohemia - one of the wealthiest and most prosperous cities in the medieval era. Bidding farewell to the impoverished world full of mud like the previous version, there are many more things for gamers to experience in Kingdom Come Deliverance II. Instead of focusing on resolving local counts or lords like its predecessor, Henry's main storyline this time will focus on the realm of kings.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Ii Fights
KCD I was widely acclaimed as one of the few best medieval story games ever.

The length of Kingdom Come Deliverance II is also noteworthy as it features over 5 hours of cutscene segments and combat sequences including various types of weapons, early handheld firearms as well as a variety of melee weapons. Kingdom Come Deliverance II has been confirmed to be released in 2024, and this certainly looks like a masterpiece worth waiting for by gamers.

You can watch the official announcement trailer of the game here:

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