Recently, at Google's Stadia Connected event, a game exclusively on Stadia - Get Packed - was officially introduced. This multiplayer game can turn the process of packing up a house before moving into a “quest” filled with mayhem, havoc and also frustrating revolving doors.

Get Packed 3
Packing your house has never been harder

During the very first Stadia Connect event of Google, there were a few new announcements made today, consisting of some new games that will come to this platform soon. Among those game was a brand new multiplayer one called Get Packed. This is a product of Moonshine Studios. You can check out for more information right below.

In this game, you, along with other three friends of yours, in preparation for a big move, are packing up your house.

However, this time it seems way more difficult than usual. Having countless obstacles to pack and manage, it makes the short path between you living room and the moving truck unbelievably dangerous.

In the trailer, you can see uncontrollable forklifts, exploding cars and also slides which are not supposed to be in others’ houses. The studio also makes sure that the revolving doors players will see in the game are the most menacing ones they have ever seen.

This four-player carnage is very likely to become a big blast.

The game supports not only couch but also online co-op. Therefore, no matter where you all are, you can still play this game together as long as you own Stadia.

Ever since Overcooked! became successful, there are quite a lot of similar games like this one. That is also why there is currently an influx of weird, havoc four-player games. But at least, it will help us see how good Stadia’s explosive-filled, fast-paced gameplay stream can be when there are four people playing together.

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The way from your kitchen to the van is now extremely dangerous

The game will be available exclusively on Stadia next year.