War is one of the two playable characters in the upcoming sequel of the Darksiders Franchise. Being the first game’s main character, many fans are hyping for War’s debut in the new generation of gaming.

Darksiders Genesis Main Art
The two playable characters, War and Strife

After the less than welcome playstyle in Darksider 3, the folks in Airship Syndicate probably are wondering if it’s time to get back to the root.

War, escaping from his prison

In Darksiders Genesis, you can pick either War or his brother Strife and head out into the battlefield, top-down diablo style. War has a distinct playstyle that focuses on melee combats, the polar opposite of Strife who’s more into shooting people in the face.

An overview for War from THQ Nordiq reads that he is both honorable and savage at the same time. Despite being the youngest among the four Horseman, his experience on the battlefield is pretty much unrivaled. Spend Aeons fighting on grand scale wars, armed with his blade – Chaoseater, his impervious armor – Abyssal and his trusty steed, Ruin.

Enemies are summoning themselves into the battlefield

The man along with his horse and attire are always burning constantly with the flames of war. In the first game, War was imprisoned by his superior, the Charred Council, for starting the Apocalypse too soon. This game is actually a prequel to the first Darksiders, with War and his older brother Strife fighting together. There is a two-player coop mode incorporated into the game - you can grab a friend to play the part of the other brother - with the two of you against the horde of the underworld.

The game looks great for an ARPG

Darksider Genesis is a new experiment in the series, being a top-down diablo like action RPG. The game will be published for the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Steam PC and Stadia later this year.