Dream Daddy was first released in 2017 by Game Grumps and has created a slight sensation in the dating simulation games community. The game is praised for its creative writing and humor. This is proof that in this age, single daddies are actually more attractive than single men!!!

Dream Daddy

You will play as a single dad, who has just moved into a town near the sea with his daughter. In here, you will have a chance to meet with other handsome single daddies from your neighbor to date while trying to get familiar with the new life. This game is interesting because you will have to create a balance between your family life and your love life. There are 7 daddies for you to date there are multiple endings for each. But not every ending is a happy ending and it depends on your choices. In addition, you can customize your Dream Daddy’s appearance following your own taste.

The success of Dream Daddy surpassed the expectation of Game Grumps. It even had a comic version created by Oni Press and Game Grumps studio with five issues and you can buy it on Steam. That is the reason why Game Grumps decided to put Dream Daddy to PS4 on October 30th  which is a bit rare to the visual novel video games. Anyway, this is the trailer:

Dream Daddy Trailer

If you already bought the PC version of this game on Steam, don’t worry, you can still update it to the Dadrector's cut version.

This Dadrector’s Cut version has cut content, new quests and new mini-game that don't exist on the original version. Moreover, you can replay minigames that you’ve found while playing.

So, if you are fed up with casual dating game, why don’t you try Dream Daddy? A lot of interesting moments are waiting for you.