The official League of Legends (LoL) subreddit has been a great place for LoL players and fans gathering together to discuss the game with original posts, videos, and pictures. But for many years, this subreddit has had quite a hard relationship with some big names in the LoL community. These disagreements come from the policy that the subreddit moderators ban/remove all kind of LoL meme post.

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Official LoL subreddit

But now, moderators of this subreddit are removing the rule against meme content that has been held for so long. But this removal is just for a trial run only. Still, that is good news to start with. Even more, this subreddit now will allow “high-quality original content,” even if the inspiration came from a meme. The new rules are as below:

The change came from the feedback that the moderator team has received for quite a while. Previously, there was no tolerance attitude at all toward meme content. The reason is that people really like memes. Sounds quite a controversial right? But hear us out. Allowing memes post in this subreddit could flood the front page with content that is easy to produce but those contest doesn’t generate any discussion after that.

But any rules have their own problems. While this “zero tolerance” policy seemed to work fine, it actually had quite some holes. Specifically, some users have put a lot of work and effort into making a video/a pic that was not 100% a meme, and still, their post did not see the light of the sun. It is really hard to say exactly a post is a meme post or not since there has been no official definition for meme.

Due to this change of rule, a lot of posts that seemingly a meme but actually have a lot of content and discussion possibility will be displayed on this subreddit, namely Purrgot – a skin idea concept for Urgot champion, or the terrifying combination of Bowsette image in Urgot’s body.

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Combination of Bowsette image in Urgot’s body
Purrgot Skin Concept
Purrgot skin concept