As gaming fans are gearing up for the big announcement of FIFA 20, Japanese game developer Konami has reported on the latest development of FIFA’s biggest rival, Pro Evolution Soccer. For the last several years, PES has proved itself as the only competitor of FIFA in the football video game market. The new version of the game, PES 2020 promises to take up an even bigger share, bringing out brand new modes with iconic players.  

Pes2020 Juv 7421
PES 2020 is the official partner of Juventus

eFootball PES 2020: A sudden change in name

Konami has decided to change the name of PES into eFootball PES 2020, although the previous has long correlated with a football video game. Such amendment reflects the intention of the developer to increase emphasis on eSports industry.

Konami is turning the game's focus into eSports

With the adjustment, the game is expected to “revolutionize eFootball in a new decade of industry-leading football simulation, and offer the sport to a global audience.”

New features: Master League, Matchday, and more

PES 2020 avouches a set of revolutionary changes in the all-time favorite mode of the game Master League. For years, Master League appears as the exclusive career mode maintained by PES, which allows players to constitute and organize their own teams in order to become the strongest squad at the end of the league.

Pes2020 5309
Master League is the exclusive career mode maintained by PES

In this new version, PES provides users with a more powerful interactive dialogue, giving them full controls over story progression. As said, players have the ability to pick out responses matching with their personality which enables them to drive progression and create a unique Master League story.

Players can pick out responses matching with their personality

There is also a new algorithm applied to the transfer market. Clearly, Konami is making an effort to improve users’ experiences by making elements like salaries or fees “in close alignment with reality.”

Besides these updates, PES 2020 will introduce a brand-new mode called Match day. The mode detaches players from spectator stands and puts them onto the pitch. As with Matchday, players choose to be part of one among two different sides, unleashing placed pass and show-stopping goal to collect more points.

Pes2020 Match Day
Players gradually build the advantage for their own side ahead of the Grand Final.

That’s absolutely an engrossing experience as players must work together to gradually build the advantage for their own side ahead of the Grand Final.

PES 2020: Pricing and Release date

According to the official website of Konami, eFootball PES 2020 will be available on Sept 10 this year for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

There will be two separate editions including the Legend and the Standard. The prices for Legend edition are Rs 4,799; Rs 5,464; and Rs 4,060 for PS4, PCs, and Xbox One, respectively. For the Standard edition, PES 2020 comes at the price of Rs 3,902 on PC, purchasing via Steam, Rs 2,960 for Xbox One, and Rs 3,499 on PS4.

Pes 2020
PES 2020 will be available on Sept 10 this year

Early birds will get several bonuses consisting of Andres Iniesta for 10 match loan, as well as 1000 myClub coins.